How to Avoid Ad-Blockers

How to Avoid Ad-Blockers

Ad-Blockers will have your digital marketing team up at arms trying to figure out how to overcome them so that your ads will be shown online.

These blockers are used more often than ever before, which tells us that many people want to avoid being shown ads when searching for content. Thankfully, there are some ways for you to avoid being sent to the ad-blockers when you create an advertising campaign aimed at reaching a large audience.

Creativity Can be Your Best Friend

If you understand the technical side of how ad-blockers work, you can find ways to get around them. Develop native content that will show up easily and could become programmed to overcome the enemy that won’t allow your ads to show through. Consider moving some of your media to mobile app ads,which could get through and make it to more of the audience you want to reach.

Stop Creating Pop-Up Ads

Do you like it when pop-up ads show up in the content you’re watching or reading? Of course not;no one does. This is as simple as the Golden Rule where you do unto others as you want them to do to you. Rather than creating annoying pop-up ads, start creating content that you would want to read and showcase your content on major platforms where it can be shared and enjoyed by all.

Retarget Your Content to Ignite It

Why isn’t your content being seen? Have you done what you should to make sure your audience can see your content? If you’re not reposting it on your social media, sharing it through your email list, or using links that will bring your audience to your content, you’re not doing your job. Forget about the ad-blockers and ignite your content. That one little spark may be all it takes to get you in front of the right audience.

Adopt Your Advertising to Get Through the Ad-Blockers

The blockers are put in place to keep irrelevant ads out, not to keep related ads away. This means you need to create content and ads that can work well together or pay to have your ads placed on pages that have related content. This is a great way to get through and be seen by shoppers that are searching for the products and services you offer.

Invest More Heavily in the Right Tactics

Rather thanpushing your ads and hoping they get through the blockersto be seen, invest in tactics that aren’t nearly as impacted by them. This means you should create more native content, ensure you’re maximizing your social media approach, and investing in search rankings.

By doing these things, you’ll reach the audience searching for what you offer instead of showing up randomly because you paid for your ads to appear a specified number of times.

Keep the User In Mind

Put the ad-blockers out of your mind and find ways to create more appealing advertising for your audience. Use product placement ads in videos, offer content directly related to what your shoppers are searching for and build your social media following with a dynamic posting schedule. You’ll have more high-quality leads by thinking about the userand avoiding trying to get around the blockers.

Use a Variety of Marketing Methods

You may want to continue to use pop-up ads, and that’s fine, but that should only be a small portion of what you offer your potential customers. Some people don’trespond to banner ads but might like to read your content. Some may not like to connect with companies on social media but will engage with your website when you show up at the top of their search results.

Generate More Value and Evolve

The linethat was crossed with online advertising is one that can’t be uncrossed. Many people are using ad-blockers and won’t turn them off or pay attention to any pop-up ads. It’s your job as a marketer to get beyond the idea of traditional advertising and focus on value for your company. This means creating better marketing campaigns that move away from programmatic buying.

Improve the Ad Experience

Does your advertising answer questions, solve problems, or entertain your audience? If not, you’re notgoing to help get the ad-blockers turned off. Offer users a better experience with your ads that will actually help them. Think about how the products and services you offer solve problems for your customers and focus on that, rather than offering a generic ad that show your latest price decrease or special savings.

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