How RecurPost Can Ease Your Social Media Marketing

How RecurPost Can Ease Your Social Media Marketing

It’s a lot of work for a company to develop a social media marketing strategy- but RecurPost can help ease this process, and make digital marketing more enjoyable for all of your team members.

Contrary to some popular beliefs, social media is not all about posting cute pictures, following fun trends and challenges, and scrolling through amazing travel destinations. In reality, working in social media marketing involves a lot of hard work, such as finding your target audience online, connecting with customers and brands, monitoring engagements and other data values, and even more tasks that are essential for the success of a business online. Plus, if you
truly want to have an online presence, you can’t be doing all of this just on one platform- these days, potential customers are plugged into Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and so much more.

Combine All Your Social Media Work Into One Place

As mentioned, corporations with successful social media campaigns and marketing strategies are present and active on many different social media platforms, where they can reach a wider, more diverse audience. One of RecurPost’s best features is that it allows you to manage all of your social media accounts in one place. If you want to schedule both a Tweet and an Instagram post announcing a new product drop, you can plan for and accomplish both of these tasks by using RecurPost. This saves the time that it would have taken to do each of those tasks separately, increases efficiency in the company, and helps with organizing all those different platforms. You have the opportunity to have everything go out at once, ensuring that you don’t forget about anything. And you still have access to all the pictures, hashtags, GIFs, videos, and more that you would normally include on each separate platform. RecurPost makes things much
simpler and less stressful for social media marketers.

Continue to Get Engagement on Older Content

If you are familiar with social media, you know the pattern well: a brand or person posts a new video or picture, and within the first twenty-four hours, racks up thousands of views, likes, clicks, and comments. This may continue for another few days or perhaps a week, but as time passes, the amount of engagement slowly decreases and trickles off. RecurPost also has solutions and tools for fixing this problem. The first thing to do is to organize the content and posts you want to gain engagement on again into “libraries.” RecurPost then systematically re-posts this content at scheduled times so that new customers and followers, or even old ones, can engage with old content. This process is repeated in each library once everything has been re-posted. By scheduling older posts to show up on followers’ feeds again, RecurPost ensures that they will get more engagement, and from a larger number of people.

Perfect Your Scheduling Times

Now that you’ve got RecurPost to help you schedule your posts, it’s time to figure out exactly when the best time to post is. You want to make sure that a lot of your followers will be online so you can get a lot of engagement. RecurPost uses artificial intelligence and other forms of technology that analyze data from your company’s social media to track and determine when the best time for scheduling posts is. If the highest number of your followers are online and active during the morning, then RecurPost would suggest scheduling posts for the morning. This
an in-depth look at activity and scheduling helps increase the number of people who see your business’s content.

RecurPost’s effectiveness in scheduling social media posts, organizing content, and helping to make social media marketing easier shows why tens of thousands of companies trust them with social media marketing every day. If your company works on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, or one of the numerous other social media platforms, check out RecurPost to see how your digital marketing can become more effective and more efficient.

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