The Coolest Tech in the New Honda Accord

The Coolest Tech in the New Honda Accord

The midsize sedan segment has a new tech leader in the form of the new Honda Accord. With its recent full redesign, the Honda Accord technology leapfrogs rival sedans when it comes to innovation and intelligent features. The Accord proves a family sedan can deliver style, excitement, and functionality through intelligent design. Read on to…


Why Doesn’t Ram Have a Midsize Truck

If you head to your Ram truck dealer today, your options start at the Ram 1500, which is currently the smallest truck that Ram makes. Ram’s parent company Stellantis has a midsize truck to compete with rivals like the Toyota Tacoma and Ford Ranger, but that truck isn’t under the Ram nameplate. Will Ram ever…

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The Best Hybrid SUVs of 2022

Hybrid SUVs That Check All the Boxes from Price to Drive Experience Drivers and passengers alike love sport utility vehicles. Not only are they comfortable and fun to drive, but they also offer plentiful storage. In recent years, hybrid SUVs have taken the market by storm. Drivers are looking for the traditional benefits of these…

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Best Used SUVs from 2021

If you’re like many American car buyers right now, you’re probably looking at the used market. With new inventories less stocked than usual, the used market is becoming a popular place to turn. The good news is that it’s possible to find a lot of recent models with low mileage and affordable prices. Let’s take…