A Look Back at the Incredible Honda S2000

A Look Back at the Incredible Honda S2000

Ever heard of the Honda S2000? Well, let’s just say it was one of their coolest cars ever to be made, and not many are left around.

The Honda S2000 is a small sports car with a surprising amount of power. For such a small car, its acceleration and speed are impressive. This two-door speedster is somewhat of a cult classic, and it is not every day that you see one of these on the road. Some people think they look similar to Mazda Miata, but they are in a class of their own. The S2000 was a shock release from Honda because they were not known for making cars that look like this. Even now, in 2023, it is shocking that Honda is the manufacturer of this awesome car. Some people think the S2000, even though Honda isn’t known for making amazing sports cars, is one of the best sports cars ever made. And the surprising part of this is that those people are not that far off. This car was pretty damn cool.

Would you look to see Honda bring back the S2000? Yeah, we would too.

Honda Ancestry

While Honda isn’t known for sports cars, they are known for great performance. Over the years, the Honda Civic has gotten better and better. The Civic is one of the most popular cars in America. The Civic Type R is a work of art, and its performance is jaw-dropping. Every Honda dealer in the United States is busy at work selling Civics. But Honda is known for more than just Civics. The CR-V is another popular car. And the S2000, while not as renowned as the Civic and the CR-V, is still one of Honda’s best cars.

In the Beginning

The Honda S2000 was released to the public in 2000, and consumers were more than ready to take on this little beast. The Miata was already a popular car, and consumers were excited to see what kind of competition there could be between these two carmakers. To most peoples’ surprise, there was competition, but not as much as they would have hoped for. Instead, the S2000 gained its own kind of popularity.

Surprisingly Good Performance

What set the S2000 apart from the competition was its surprising performance. The Honda S2000 was powered by an inline four-cylinder DOHC engine with VTEC. This gave the car 247 hp, which at its size was very impressive. Consumers now flocked to the S2000, not because it was a quirky little car, but because it was just that impressive.

Unique Size and Shape

Sure, the car’s performance made this vehicle very special, but its shape and size were at the heart of its popularity. It seems to defy the laws of reality. It was a work of engineering genius, plus it looked awesome. This is what made this car so popular at the time. Now, there are a scarce number of these small sports cars driving around. If you see one, it might be worth your time to take a pic of it.


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