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Best Used SUVs from 2021

If you’re like many American car buyers right now, you’re probably looking at the used market. With new inventories less stocked than usual, the used market is becoming a popular place to turn. The good news is that it’s possible to find a lot of recent models with low mileage and affordable prices. Let’s take…

Best Used Hyundai Models For Your Money
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Best Used Hyundai Models For Your Money

Hyundai has one of the best warranties in the business and a long lineup of popular and reliable models, from cars to crossovers. If you’re looking for a used Hyundai, there are some models that give you more value over others based on their reliability. We’ve picked out four of Hyundai’s top models that offer…


Newgate Offers an Alternative to Kars4Kids

One of the largest car donation programs in the country is Kars4Kids. They are an excellent charity that raises money for underprivileged children by auctioning off the cars that are donated. This organization uses its own staff to process donations and turn them into cash for the kids through the auction process. Unfortunately, if you…