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5 Used Cars For Cheaper Luxury

Supply chain problems have continued to plague the new car market and keep prices higher than they should be. The price pain is more acute for luxury vehicles, which is why buying a used Buick or a used BMW makes a lot more sense than buying a new one right now. Let’s take a look…

How To Find the Best Used Cars
Used Vehicles

How To Find the Best Used Cars

It’s trickier than ever shopping for used cars these days. Supply chain issues around the world have affected the availability and affordability of new cars, which in turn has made used cars more difficult to find. However, if you do your research and exercise some patience, you can locate a reliable vehicle that fits your…

Do You Get Tax Credits for Used EVs?

Do You Get Tax Credits for Used EVs?

While helping the environment by reducing their carbon footprint is a big draw for many people who drive electric vehicles, the tax incentives don’t hurt either. Until 2023 the electric vehicle credit only applied to qualifying new vehicles, but with the recent changes, you can now benefit from tax credits when shopping for used cars…


How to Get a Car With Bad or No Credit

Shopping for new or used cars can feel overwhelming if you have a poor or no credit history. Your credit score serves as a baseline for credit trustworthiness and if lenders don’t like the score they see, you’re more likely to face higher interest rates, higher payments, and in some cases flat-out denial for a…