Customer Ratings

5 Ways To Get More Customer Reviews

Word of mouth has always been the most effective form of advertising. People trust other people’s experiences more than they trust ads, marketing campaigns, and commercials. In the modern age, word of mouth is more than just people sharing their experiences with their neighbors; there are review websites, online communities, and plenty of other places…

5 Features a Used Toyota Highlander Can Offer

5 Features a Used Toyota Highlander Can Offer

Before you dive into your car shopping, you should define what you’re looking for. If you want capability, quality, durability, performance, and dependability, you’ll want to see the variety of used Toyota Highlander models for sale in your area. This impressive SUV brings you three rows of seats, tons of amazing features, and the power…


What Does the BMW X7 Offer?

Choose the BMW X7 as the SUV you want to drive and you’ll see an SUV that gives you the BMW design language that you want to experience on the road. This big SUV has a sporty stance and the roominess in the cabin that will give you the comfort you’re after. Check out the…


Tesla is Making a Pickup Truck

While we don’t have the details as to when the Tesla team will make a truck, and they already face delays and troubles with the Model 3, Elon Musk has chosen to let us know a pickup truck will be built in the future. Why would Tesla look to the pickup market now while dealing…


Buick Avenir- is it worth the price tag

We all know luxury is not known for being cheap. We expect to pay more for the name and quality that comes with it. However, what happens when a nonluxury brand moves into that space. The expectation of paying more for a normally affordable brand becomes a hard pill to swallow. So how did General…