Increase Your Car Sales With Better Online Marketing

Increase Your Car Sales With Better Online Marketing

You’ve built an online marketing presence and have social media accounts and a great website but you’re not seeing the increase in sales.

This could be due to your strategy and what you’re not doing every week to make sure your customers can find you more easily. Let’s look at some great ways to make sure you stay on top of the list with your customers.

Have You Tried Remarketing?

What is remarketing? How can you make it work for you? When you remarket, you’re offering display ads to people who have recently visited your site to remind them of what you offer. This can showcase your current sales specials or let them know you’re ready to help them find the vehicle that will meet their needs. This is a critical item when selling cars and it’s one way you could take a step ahead of your competition.

Work to Turn Online Marketing into Phone Calls

You can bid on various call campaigns the same way you do for the terms that put you at the top of search pages online. When you turn your online visitors into phone customers, the closure rate from a lead to a sale is increased. This action could be worth the added cost and bring you the sales results you’re looking for.

Create Uniqueness in Your Offers

You’ve seen the TV ads the show car dealers offer a TV with a purchase during the holidays. This is a way these dealers try to have offers that are unique compared to others in the market. Try to find your own offers and use your online marketing channels to bring attention to your dealership where customers will come to be part of the fun of the special items, you’re giving them.

Is Your Online Marketing Targeted Properly?

This should be one of the most important questions for you to answer when you’re building your online strategy. You don’t want to target the wrong group with ads they won’t enjoy or benefit from. There are different cars and vehicles that require different shoppers to take advantage of them. Rethink the targeted strategy of your marketing efforts and see an increase in your sales.

Adjust Your Marketing Budgets for the Holiday Trends

As a holiday coming up when more people tend to shop for cars than at other times of the year? Do you want to be in front of more customers because of the season? Increase or decrease your marketing budget based on when you’re marketing and the trend in car sales for that time of year. This will give you the greatest impact and make your spending work right for you.

Manage the Negative Keyword List

Online marketing is a tricky business and it requires constant attention. You could pay for an exact match only for keywords, but that will limit the potential of your customers finding you in the search engine results pages. Instead, manage the negative keywords and limit the number of times an ad is clicked on that has no relevance to your business. This will add value to your budget and make it much easier for you to get the most out of your keywords.

Have You Bid on Competitor Keywords?

You want customers to choose your location over others. This means bidding on the keywords that your competitors are using to try and win the top spot on the search engine pages. You’re not going to need to say anything negative about your competitors, but you can win the keywords your competition uses and target a specific audience.

Put Your Online Marketing Where Your Customers Are Searching

Where do many customers begin to search for the vehicle they will buy? They start online at Google and the results they receive on the search engine will guide their research to the car they will eventually drive home. You want to be on top of this list and be the dealership they turn to. This means you build your strategy around the right keywords and bid on them.

Don’t Forget About Customer Reviews

You need to have a high score with the reviews you receive online in order to be a dealership that will bring customers in. Check your scores on Google regularly and make sure you respond to all reviews. Build customer trust with these reviews by asking your current customers to put reviews online to talk about their positive experience with your dealership team.

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