4 Acquisition Strategies to Get More Inventory for Your Dealership

4 Acquisition Strategies to Get More Inventory for Your Dealership

The current inventory shortages will continue; it’s just a fact of life. But there are ways to spin the situation to your advantage or to battle it with clever acquisition techniques.

As a car dealership, you need more cars on your lot. In addition to your current strategies, here are a few more to help you get some much-needed inventory on your lot. From a We Buy Cars campaign to turning the inventory shortage in your favor, this article should help you get more vehicles on your lot.

A Strong Marketing Stance to Attract Attention

Compared to last year, more people are looking to sell their cars, but there’s also a lot more hesitance on who they should sell to. Making your dealership be at the forefront of their minds through marketing will ensure they come to you first.

Be approachable, personable, and a leader of the industry in your marketing campaign to gain the trust of your customers. You want to be sure that when someone in your area thinks of selling their car, they always think of you before any other dealership.

A We Buy Cars Campaign

An excellent way of ensuring that you’re in the minds of your customers when they want to sell their cars is a We Buy Cars campaign.

Spread the knowledge that you desire their vehicles, and you’re actively buying and paying premium prices. Advertise that you’re enthusiastic about buying cars from anyone willing to sell and accepting any vehicle condition or type.

A Trade in / Trade up Campaign

Another fantastic strategy is to advertise a trade-in or trade-up deal. By using a trade-in/trade-up deal, you can bring in more vehicles while also making a profit selling what you have on your lot.

Your customers can trade their old car, sign a lease on a newer one, and feel good about having such a discount. In the meantime, you get a new vehicle in your inventory, a satisfied customer, and a signed lease.

Make Working With You the Best Experience Your Customers Can Have

Finally, make your dealership the easiest and best place to sell a car.

The customer wants to sell a car but doesn’t want to get it appraised. Offer to appraise it yourself. Even better–offer to do it online via pictures, so they don’t have to leave home. They’re willing to sell but don’t have a way to get back home after driving the car to you? Offer to drive them back home or pick up the vehicle so they don’t have to go out.

Any friction in the selling process should be anticipated and accounted for. Go above and beyond to make the process as simple and smooth as possible.

With beneficial strategies like the We Buy Cars and Trade-In/Trade-Up campaigns, you can do more than just make it through the manufacturing problems facing the market today – you can thrive in it! Just take a bit of time to change and implement new strategies for your company, and you’ll be the best dealership in your area for years to come.


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