Why Doesn’t Ram Have a Midsize Truck

If you head to your Ram truck dealer today, your options start at the Ram 1500, which is currently the smallest truck that Ram makes. Ram’s parent company Stellantis has a midsize truck to compete with rivals like the Toyota Tacoma and Ford Ranger, but that truck isn’t under the Ram nameplate. Will Ram ever…


The Minivan Is Far From Obsolete

There was a time that every family seemed to have a wood-paneled minivan, but those days are long behind us. The minivans that your parents or grandparents drove have been replaced with much more modern and popular vehicles like the Chrysler Pacifica.


Dodge Offers You a Muscle Sedan

As your family begins to grow, you’ll have to give up the drive of the sports car that you’ve loved and enjoyed for many years. If you’re not quite ready for a minivan, but you still need to find a sedan, the Dodge Charger could be exactly what you’re looking for. This is a large…


Retro is Back (Part 2)

Style matters, but many of us aren’t looking for the most futuristic styling offered in the car they drive. Instead, we love to see a car that brings back the styling features we loved in the past, typically several decades in the past, and offers us a modern application of these features. With that in…