First Dodge EV Arriving in 2024

First Dodge EV Arriving in 2024

The first Dodge EV model is coming soon to your Dodge dealer. Jeep and Ram EVs are also set to arrive next year. The parent company behind these brands is Stellantis, and it is planning to release several new EV models in 2024 to compete with several other automakers going all in on the EV market. Let’s take a look at what’s coming soon.

2024 Stellantis EV Campaign

Stellantis plans to launch its EV campaign in 2024 with models representing four of its brands. Compared to most of the competition, Stellantis is a bit late on the scene. However, the company is launching its Dare Forward 2030 campaign with the goal of half of US sales being electric by 2030. It hopes for 100% of sales to be electric in Europe. This plan will include some brands becoming all-electric in the near future, such as Chrysler by 2028 and Alfa Romeo by 2027.

The first EV model under the Stellantis umbrella debuting in the US will be the Ram ProMaster. That model will launch later this year. Next year will see more EV models, including those from Jeep, Dodge, and Fiat. The first Fiat EV in the US will be the 500e. This EV is actually already a hot seller in Europe.

Late 2024 will also see the arrival of the first electric pickup under the Ram brand. The 1500 REV is expected to compete against Ford’s F-150 Lightning and Chevy’s upcoming Silverado EV pickup.

Stellantis Seeks To Outperform All Rivals

The new Ram EV pickup is expected to feature two 250 kW electric motors that will deliver as much as 654 horsepower and 620 pound-feet of torque. The Ram pickup should be able to tow up to 14,000 pounds and haul up to 2,800 pounds. It will come in two battery options. The base one will offer 350 miles of range, while the top option will aim for 500 miles.

On the Dodge dealer front, the Charger Daytona SRT will represent the first EV available. A concept has already been released, and it looks very similar to Dodge’s current gas-powered muscle cars. However, this EV model will have some unique features, such as an exhaust noise system and a multi-speed transmission.

Power will come from an 800 V Banshee electric propulsion system that is expected to outperform even the current SRT Hellcat engines.

Trail Rated EV Models Coming Next

Not to be left out, the Jeep brand is also prepared to release three EV models, two of which will come out in the US market. The first one was the Avenger, which debuted in Europe earlier this year. The next models will be the Wagoneer S and the Recon. The Recon is a unique EV model that resembles the Wrangler with its compact size and removable doors and windows.

The Wagoneer S is more of a traditional SUV that somewhat resembles the current gas-powered Wagoneer. This one targets 400 miles of range and 600 horsepower. Beyond that, Chrysler is expected to debut a crossover EV model in 2025, and Ram will get a compact EV pickup around 2026. There are also plans for a Dodge EV crossover in 2026.

Your Dodge dealer may soon have quite a few EV models to choose from. Along with the vehicles mentioned above, there may also be plans for an EV Charger model and an EV trim of the Challenger.


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