7 Social Media Hacks for the Car Salesperson

7 Social Media Hacks for the Car Salesperson

Selling cars can be difficult and has changed a lot in recent years. Today, car salespeople must utilize some social media hacks to stand out from the crowd.

The dealership you work for has a wide reach, but you can enjoy a similar audience with a few great social media ideas. Although you’re part of a team, you’re still competing with the other salespeople at the dealership, which means you need a way to stand out. How can you become the salesperson that customers want to work with when they visit your dealership?

Here are seven ways to stand out on social media.

Present an attractive image

Your social media presence should show your best side, which means you look your best and comfortable at the same time. Your profile pictures should be professional, but some of the other images of you on social media can show you having fun and offering your personality. Before recording any video for social media, know what you want to say. Write out a script using the first person and with the prospect in mind.

Become the authority your customers want to work with

Are you answering the most common questions your customers ask? If not, it’s time to start doing this. Answering common questions with authority, knowledge, and insight is one of the most important social media hacks for any car salesperson. When the information provided is verifiable and useful, you become an authority in your industry. This helps you build trust with a potential customer base. Publish content on your social media channels that direct customers to authoritative articles and videos to add more to the content you offer.

Is your LinkedIn profile complete?

Connecting with other professionals in your industry is important, but completing your LinkedIn profile is even more important. This social media platform is a great place for your colleagues and customers to learn more about you from a professional angle. You need a banner, a profile picture, and links to other social media accounts used regularly. Use the same profile picture for all of your social media accounts. This provides some consistency for your potential customers to recognize you when they see the same image on various accounts.

Engage in social media every day

Selling cars is a job with a lot of downtime. This is a great opportunity to put some social media hacks to work for you. One of the simplest things you can do is engage on your platforms every day. Every car salesperson needs to have an array of social platforms meant to bring customers to the door. Digital Dealer says you should do at least five of these things every day when engaging with your social media audience:

  • Like a post
  • Share something newsworthy
  • Comment on a post with value
  • Wish Happy Birthday or Happy Anniversary to your connections
  • Publish a relevant story or image
  • Follow an influencer and comment on their post
  • Google yourself, take action on what you see or don’t see
  • Write an article on your blog, Facebook, or LinkedIn
  • Ask for a review

Have you introduced yourself on social media?

The power of social media can be yours as a car salesperson if you introduce yourself in a video. Create a short (15-30 seconds) introduction video that tells your potential customers who you are, what dealership you work at, and how you can help them. This might sound like a lot of information in only 30 seconds, but it’s really not. On most platforms, you can pin the video to the top so your customers see it first, which is a great way to allow potential customers to get to know you.

Ask your customers to be part of your reviews

Some of the best reviews you can get are those that can be posted on social media. One of the best social media hacks for car salespeople is to post reviews with photos and videos of the customers in them. Ask your customers to give you a review on Google as well, but make sure you get them to be part of your review page on your social media accounts.

Take things offline to complete the sale

Most sales are done in person, although much of the car sales process can be completed online. Once you’ve got a back-and-forth conversation going, it might be time to take things offline and engage via phone or in person. This brings a personal touch to your selling process, which is how you can complete the sale.

Use these seven social media hacks to take leads to sales and make you one of the best car salespeople at your dealership.

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