Impact of the Google June 2019 Algorithm Update

Another Core Update From Google

Google recently rolled out its latest core algorithm update in early June 2019, and for the first time, gave developers a heads up so they could prepare for potential shifts in traffic and analytics.

Big Highs and Big Lows

While it’s only been a month since the update launched, a few popular sites have already noticed changes to their analytics, specifically large drops and large gains in traffic activity. According to Search Metrics, news sites are taking on bigger gains and losses in terms of traffic. One such popular, albeit lower quality new site the Daily Mail UK, noticed a significant drop in organic traffic, while another higher-quality news site, Newsweek had large gains in traffic. Even CNN noticed a major loss in both its site traffic and revenue.

Perhaps this is a way for Google to give more attention to quality content and sites that are giving their users more of what they want without the constant influx of ads all over an article. Popularity doesn’t always equate to quality, so it’s important to take note of what sites are doing well post-June-2019 core updates and which ones aren’t.

Marketers Next Moves

There is no quick fix to manage your site following this update. What you can do is take this update as an opportunity to assess your site’s content and compare it with feedback from your visitors. What are they gaining from your site? Is it valuable or fleeting information? Most SEO folks will agree that quality will still reign supreme, so as long as you’re continually sharing content that is valuable to your customers and visitors, the algorithm updates may affect you at first, but shouldn’t kill your traffic.

The Future of Algorithm Updates

Google won’t stop rolling out algorithm updates because the world and the demands of the web are going to continue to change based on users and activity. What the June 2019 Algorithm Update has done is show developers and advertisers that Google is listening and understands that implementing a new update without fair warning was not ideal. With Google listening and communicating more, advertisers can now slowly better understand where Google is coming from and how to make sure to always put the best content out there.

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