Tesla is Making a Pickup Truck

While we don’t have the details as to when the Tesla team will make a truck, and they already face delays and troubles with the Model 3, Elon Musk has chosen to let us know a pickup truck will be built in the future. Why would Tesla look to the pickup market now while dealing with “production hell?” You have to have a plan for after the production troubles are over and that means entering the truck market for Tesla, which might just be able to offer us a truck that could make a difference in our drive.

The Thought is Shared

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, has informed us that he has had the plans and core design of a pickup truck in his mind for about five years and that he’s wanted to share it with us for a long time. In his recent Twitter feeds we find that the truck he envisions is one that will have dual motor AWD with an impressive level of torque and a suspension that adjusts for the load. These will be standard qualities of the truck. There will likely be power outlets that will ensure those who need this truck out in the field for work can plugin tools and make use of them by using the power from the truck.

More Tech Than Any Other Truck

We can certainly envision the truck along with Musk and see how an electric truck with the range and power needed could be one that makes an impact in the market. The one aspect you know will be better than what’s offered in any other area of the truck world will be the technology that will be placed inside a Tesla pickup for us to have the qualities we expect. This means the truck will likely be able to park itself and offer features that take hauling and towing to the next level.

Details are Few

We don’t know much more about what Elon Musk has in his mind regarding the truck he wants to build. For now, he’s more likely to put the truck out of his mind for a while as the Model 3 sedan continues to present challenges that are difficult to overcome. Even so, once Tesla has figured out how to mass-produce vehicles in the numbers that we expect in the market, the company can turn to the pickup truck.

Is the Truck from Tesla Next?

When will we see a pickup truck offered by this company? The likely timeframe is the 2022 model year. Right now, the Model Y is scheduled to be offered next in 2020. The Model Y is a small SUV that will share the platform with the Model 3. Once this has been built and is operating smoothly we’ll see the truck, or at least that could be the time when the truck arrives to begin to let us see what an EV truck might be for the work we need to get done.

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