The Honda Passport is Made for Adventuring

There’s a specialty segment of the SUV market where comfort matters but so does capability and versatility. This area of the market is where you find two-row crossover SUVs that are built a bit larger and fit in the midsize class. These models give you more room for everyone to have the legroom they want along with more cargo space to ensure you can have the room you need to take items with you for an adventure. The newest Honda SUV fits in this class to be the 2019 Honda Passport that could be the right choice for you.

Let the Adventures Begin in the Passport

The Honda Passport shares much of its qualities with its larger cousin, but it offers you a more aggressive style and the feeling that adventure is only a short drive away. This SUV has an impressive level of off-road capability with the dynamic AWD system that’s included to make the drive right for you. This is an SUV that brings you the safety features you want with the Honda Sensing Suite of safety technology to make it easy for you to be confident in the drive.

Unibody Construction with Off-Road Chops

Most of the off-road vehicles that you look at and admire for their ability to head out on tough trails are built on truck or body on frame platforms. The Honda Passport is a unibody model that has a fantastic AWD system that uses torque vectoring to make the drive right for you. This system also brings you a 4-mode Intelligent Traction Management system to allow you to ride higher and handle the drive in the wilderness in a way that other SUVs can’t. Take the Passport out on the sand, in the snow, through the mud, or over the rocks, and know that you’ll have the right vehicle to get you where you need to go.

The Passport Just Looks Right

When you look at the Honda Passport next to its larger sibling, the Honda Pilot, you can see that the Passport appears to be ready for more fun. The Passport is six inches shorter in length but it’s an inch taller and wider to make sure you have a more athletic stance. These size differences make it possible for the Passport to be the right SUV for you to take out on the trails and have a lot of fun.

Experience the Passport for Yourself Today

You want to enjoy a vehicle that has the smooth drive and quality ride on the road while giving you the ability to head out on the trails for some fun. The 2019 Honda Passport is the right SUV to give you the ability to get things done the way you want. Get behind the wheel of this new SUV at your nearby Honda dealership and let it become the vehicle that can provide you with the drive you want to enjoy every day. Your adventures are waiting for you and the Passport is your ticket to experience them.

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