Five Digital Marketing Trends Dealers Should Keep Their Eyes On

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As buyers become more tech-savvy, they frequently begin their auto-buying journey online. We have five digital marketing trends that will give auto shoppers an intuitive and relevant experience.

1. Voice Queries: How’s Your Long-Tail Keyword Game?

You’ve walked through your showroom with prospective buyers, so you know one of the top features they look for in a car is voice-activated navigation and smartphone integration. When people want to search for a business, people will speak more words than they would type in a search bar, so your long-tail keyword game is more important than ever.

Unlike a computer desktop interface, digital assistants typically only relay the top few search results. Your keywords and keyword phrase should focus on the most meaningful information pertinent to your marketing campaign objective.

While you’re working on your SEO, it’s a good time to check your Google My Business, and other social media business pages to make sure the information on them is up-to-date and accurate. Although Google is still the primary go-to for search, users are increasingly using other services like Waze and Yelp, so be sure your search result efforts include those.

2. Pictures Are Still Worth 1,000 Words

When a shopper is thinking about buying a crossover SUV and enters “crossover SUVs near me” into Google, you want to be sure you’re near the top of more than just the main search results page. The “Images” page is another often overlooked area to get your dealership front of mind for shoppers. Google has tightened requirements on the image search results page so the image must link back to its owner, giving you a great opportunity for shoppers to associate the image of the crossover SUV they’re thinking of buying with your dealership.

And Pinterest? It’s not just for recipes and lifestyles. Car shoppers frequently use Pinterest as an early step in their buying journey. Catch shoppers pinning vehicles to their board with an attention-grabbing, “Buy The Pin” deal such as an upgraded accessory package or a coupon for accessories or service.

3. Versatile Video

Video should be an important part of your marketing strategy if it isn’t already. User studies have shown that social media posts video can get prospects to stop scrolling and view your content.

We’re talking about quick-hit videos, not blockbuster cinema: you don’t need a professional videographer on your staff, and you don’t need to spend thousands on cameras and editing software. Chances are, you have what you need to shoot these videos in your pocket. Your smartphone, tablet, or even an inexpensive point-and-shoot camera with video capability will capture the content you need, and there are dozens of video-editing applications for the phone/tablet or the desktop that are inexpensive or free to use.

Start with 30-90-second quick-hits about vehicle and service specials, tackling a frequently-asked question, or a how-to on scheduling a service visit. Go longer with vehicle feature walkthroughs, or maintenance tips. Video is an essential cog in your marketing content engine. Also, think beyond video channels like YouTube or Vimeo to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

4. Stay In Touch With Personalized Communication

Are you capturing contact information from people who visit your website? If you do, have you followed up with them by email or text? How about people who “like” your page on Facebook? Do you have a strategy for staying in touch with them, beyond organic and paid posts?

It can take a customer several interactions with a company before they decide to buy a product or service. By capturing contact information and staying in touch—sending information regarding incentives, or new models in stock with features the shopper showed interest in—the customer is more likely to remember your dealership first once they are ready to buy.

Facebook Messenger’s ability to communicate with people who have interacted with your business page is a great tool to keep your Facebook business page from lying fallow.

5. Show Buyers The Way With Beacon Technology

Your customers have found you, and they are exploring your showroom. Your digital marketing doesn’t stop once potential buyers come through your door. Location-based beacon technology can bring important information, such as digital brochures and vehicle reviews, as well as manufacturer incentives, financing information, or other special deals, all while customers roam through your dealership.

Artificial Intelligence Does Not Mean Impersonal

Shoppers increasingly rely on AI to help them with everything from buying goods to scheduling services. You can put AI to work on your digital marketing as well, by learning the interests and habits of shoppers and delivering timely, personalized information that puts your dealership top-of-mind, when they decide to buy.

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