Best Website Platforms for Car Dealers in 2021

Best Website Platforms for Car Dealers in 2021

Which platform has a reputation for the best car dealer websites?  This is a good question, and it’s going to depend greatly on what you want and expect from the platform your dealership uses.

Are you looking for the most dynamic gallery of images? Do you want to have the best set of SEO tools? Would you like marketing support that gives you an edge? Are you searching for a user-friendly platform? No matter the priority, you’ve got to have a place where you can build your website and offer the features and products that your customers will want to see and use.

Weebly is the Best Option for Integrated Email Marketing

You don’t have to prove that email marketing isn’t dead, but it will certainly be something you advertise and often use if you have your website on Weebly. This platform is a great place for your website, but it doesn’t have themes that are specifically made for car dealers. What you will find is a mobile-responsive, clean design that you can customize to your liking.

If you’re looking for excellent SEO tools, you’ll be a bit disappointed in Weebly, but if you’re an SEO expert and understand how to push your pages, it won’t matter to you. Weebly offers you some strong features that help you bring your site to life and share it wherever you desire.

Some of these include:

  • Email Marketing – Create an email campaign from start to finish with the right layout, build, and contact list. You can track how your emails are performing during the campaign.
  • Gallery Apps – Easily upload and customize the images on your site with the use of Media Gallery on Weebly.
  • Online Form Builder – Contact forms are easy to create and customize using this platform. Simple drag-and-drop forms are offered to help you create excellent forms for your customers to utilize.

The Most Impressive Images are Available with Squarespace

Images are everything to your customers, and if you want to build one of the best car dealer websites, you want to have the most attractive images to use. That’s where Squarespace comes in. This platform offers an easy drag-and-drop solution with sleek templates and the look you want. You’ll be amazed by the visual elements that give sites on this platform an advantage over other platforms.

Unfortunately, like Weebly, there aren’t any automotive website templates, but you can customize the template you like to fit your needs. The striking images and layouts help you have the look you want to offer your potential customers.

Some of the amazing features of Squarespace include:

  • Gallery Blocks and Pages – This offers you a couple of different ways to display your images and set up the overall look of your website.
  • Momento360 – You’ll love this cool tool, which embeds 360 photos of the vehicle to offer site visitors a complete view of every model you have for sale.
  • Map Block – You can add a pinned location in Google Maps on your site pages with this tool. This will help your visitors know where to go when it’s time to visit your dealership.

Templates Made for Car Dealers can be Found on Wix

If you’re looking for a place where there are templates that are made for dealers, you’ll want to choose the Wix platform. You’ll build one of the best car dealer websites using this platform and know that you’ve got an easy place to build each page. The lingo and deals that are significant to the automotive industry are built into many o the templates on Wix.

Not only will you find some excellent templates on Wix, if you aren’t sure which one to use, but the Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) feature can also create and customize a design for you.

This platform could be the ideal place for your website because it’s made for the automotive industry.

Some of the features that you’ll use every day include:

  • Wix SEO Wiz – This feature helps you build an SEO plan that is ideal for your business. This tool will see if your site is optimized for search engines and help you select keywords.
  • Media Galleries – Several options are found to give you the image sizes, look, and layout that you want to use. This platform supports 360-degree images to help you offer a complete view of a vehicle to your customers.
  • Wix App Market – You can add Google AdSense and create online ads using this tool. This feature also allows you access to Wix Booking, which allows your customers to book a test drive in a car.

You Need SEO, Which Means You Need WordPress

While the WordPress platform is a little more complex than some of the others, you’ll have a ton of tools and the capability to build a site the way you want. There are several different themes that give you a clean and well-designed site, but what makes yours one of the best car dealer websites is the fact that you have a comprehensive SEO toolkit at your disposal.

If you don’t find a theme you want to use on WordPress, it’s easy to import themes and plugins as long as you use the WordPress Business plan, which you’re most likely to do anyway.

Enjoy some of the incredible features offered with this platform, including:

  • SEO plugins for pros – You’ll want to use the tools offered within Yoast or SEMRush with WordPress to have the most dynamic set of SEO tools. Both of these plugins give you suggestions for improvements to give you the greatest chance at success.
  • Integrated social sharing – This tool allows you to automatically send your posts to your social networks every time you add a new vehicle to your pages. This allows you to keep your social networks apprised of what you have for sale
  • Attractive Photo Galleries – Either create a gallery with individual options or use one of the many gallery plugins that make it simple for you to utilize the images you desire.

Which of these four platforms will be the place you put your website? One of them certainly has the tools you’re looking for.

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