Shake Up Your Dealership’s Video Presence with These 5 Video Styles


Video is fast becoming the preferred way of consuming content online and therefore video should be an integral part of any business marketing strategy. Creating engaging, informative and impactful marketing videos has never been so easy or as vital to business success. Learn how to improve your dealership’s video presence and increase online engagement.

The Numbers Don’t Lie!

The statistics speak for themselves – 55% of people are watching videos online every day. Studies show that 70% of millennials watch a company video when shopping online, and 84% of consumers have been ‘persuaded’ to make a purchase after watching a video. Video is becoming a crucial part of every auto dealer’s digital marketing strategy.

Explore Video Styles

And it doesn’t mean just slapping together a video on your YouTube channel or creating a television commercial. It involves utilizing several tactics and styles, from explainer videos and interviews to testimonials. We’re all familiar with classics such as walk around videos for new cars, so here are 5 new types of video you can start producing today.

Customer Testimonial Video

Written testimonials have been successfully used to boost businesses for decades, but a video testimonial can up the ante. So instead of telling potential customers about your superior customer satisfaction rates – let them see for themselves! You can interview a customer after a sale or put a call out on your social media sites for previous, satisfied buyers to send in a video of themselves with their new car.

Employee Spotlight

Personalized videos build trust and endear customers to your business. So why not introduce the people that contribute to your success every day. Posting short videos highlighting Julie from the front desk or your newest salesperson is an engaging way to connect with customers. So when they do visit the dealership, they can already feel somewhat acquainted with your team members.

New Incentives Video

It’s important to create a video every time your manufacturer comes out with new incentives. A well-crafted video will help you sell more vehicles during the promotion month and will propel you far ahead of other dealers in your area selling the same brand.

Seasonal Video

We all love holidays – the decorations, traditions, and events associated with different celebrations. So what better way to get into the spirit of the season (whatever season it may be) than creating associated marketing videos? Maybe it’s a Halloween car decorating contest, a fun Christmas theme or Easter egg hunt – just get creative!

Car Service/Maintenance How-To Video

Every avid video watcher loves a good how-to video and these are a great way to earn the trust of potential buyers. They can be either short or long and they demonstrate that your dealership is not all about the sale, but helping people solve problems. You can post videos about general car tips, and specific issues such as how to know if your brakes need to be checked and if you need new tires.

You can use your phone and shoot the video yourself, keeping in mind production quality standards such as the need for good lighting and sound. If you go it alone, invest in a lavalier microphone and maybe some lighting gear if you’re filming indoors. Otherwise you can hire a professional videographer/editor. Either way, this is a fun, creative way to boost your video presence. It’s also an essential component for your continuing marketing strategy.

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