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Lawn and motorsport shoppers are often left with the tough decision of getting the exact model they want or taking home what is available on site.

Not every dealership carries the SCAG Power Equipment Zero-Turn Mower, for example, you want in stock. Shoppers who want to bring something home for a project adventure have to either wait until they find their preferred specifications or settle for something that’s only close in design.

Times are certainly changing. With the general shortage of automobiles, lawn equipment, and motorsport vehicles available, shoppers are left with an even tougher decision. With such a high demand for these vehicles and pieces of equipment, there may not even be anything close. In the past, you might walk into a dealer for that SCAG Power Equipment Zero-Turn Mower and end up with a used option, a different brand or size than you wanted. In today’s crazy market, you might not get anything more than a push mower.

What are lawn and motorsport dealerships supposed to do when they don’t have a strong inventory on hand? Push pre-orders.

The Benefits of Pre-Ordering

When customers pre-order their lawn equipment, they can get the exact option that they need. They don’t end up paying for features they don’t want or can make sure they get something that matches their taste and needs. They aren’t stuck with whatever options are sitting on the lot, nor do they have to keep checking back in for new inventory.

For most vehicles, the typical wait time is only about eight weeks but can take up to 90 days. Of course, this wait isn’t really that long in the grand scheme of things, especially considering that new lawn equipment will last for years and years.

Buyers can also still take advantage of manufacturer incentives, promotions, and deals. They can even pre-order a vehicle to lease. If they time it right, they can have a brand new option waiting for them when they turn in the old one.

Use Social Media To Think Ahead

Lawn and motorsport dealers already know that social media is a great way to promote products, sales, and special events. It’s also a useful tool to help people plan ahead. Sadly, many shoppers wait until they need something before looking for it. Someone with a large yard might not think about upgrading to a SCAP Power Equipment Zero-Turn Mower until the grass is already getting too high. This shopper is more likely to go with what is available today versus waiting for what they actually need to come available.

Your job is to get shoppers thinking about the next big thing. Start with planning for the next season. During the spring months, create social media posts that talk about getting ready for summer. During the fall months, get people thinking about their needs over the winter.

Create Custom Landing Pages

Once shoppers are thinking ahead enough that pre-ordering their next piece of equipment makes sense, you want to make it as easy for them to make a reservation as possible. The best approach is to create a simple landing page for your website that customers can visit to start the process.

You should consider creating custom pre-order forms for your dealership that help you get the information you need to get things moving. This could be a place where even people who aren’t sure about pre-ordering can enter their information to get on your list.

The key is to make things simple. Even though more shoppers are pre-ordering their automobiles during the COVID years, those looking for lawn equipment may not be used to the idea just yet. If you overcomplicate things, you might lose these customers.

Lead The Conversation

The important thing is that you own any conversation you have with potential customers. Even if your showroom is empty, you should never use language that indicates you can’t help them. That just means they’ll go somewhere else. Instead, use language that promotes and encourages pre-ordering. Highlight the benefits of this practice while providing honest answers to their questions.

Customers who go this route will be more than happy with their decision, especially if they plan it right and get their new gear at the right time.

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