How ClickFlow Can Help Increase Traffic to Your Website

How ClickFlow Can Help Increase Traffic to Your Website

ClickFlow is an SEO experimental tool that’s main concern is getting more people to visit your website and to see what you offer.

If you type anything into a search engine, you’re going to get hundreds of millions of results. The most relevant, and popular, links and information are going to be near the top, whereas other links and websites that don’t pertain as much to your search will be on the following pages. But how are you, as a business, ever going to succeed and gain traffic to your website if you’re always stuck on page twelve? ClickFlow has a solution.

If more people visit, that means more people are learning about your company, and more people will be supporting you. There are a number of different ways ClickFlow can help increase traffic to your website, including identifying the most popular key posts and keywords, bringing old, archived posts back to life, and speeding up page response times.

Identifying Popular Content

It seems pretty simple-if you put your most popular, well-performing content at the forefront of your web page, you’re going to have more traffic than you would if uninteresting articles and information were the first things visitors saw. However, what if you don’t know what the most popular content on your website is? That’s where ClickFlow can come in handy.

ClickFlow utilizes search engine technology and machine learning to thoroughly search through all the content on your website, and identify what is most likely to get clicks and attention from Internet users. ClickFlow analyzes the data that is provided by Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, and other data collection tools like them to help your business test the articles and information with the most potential.

Bringing Back Old Posts

You’re likely producing content multiple times a week, if not every day, which means that even if something is doing very well, it might be getting pushed to the bottom of your website, or even to the archives. ClickFlow takes advantage of a feature called content decay to get your once-popular content back on top. As the company explains, although most older articles and information may seem like they are outdated and useless, it’s really the opposite.

For example, ClickFlow could find an article of yours that did very well in 2019. If you created this article using 2019 facts and data, and it drew many people to your website, most of that may still be usable. If you read through the information again, update anything that needs to be updated to be current in 2021, and repost the article, you’ll likely be very happy with the results.

Speeding Up Response Times

Nowadays, patience is almost nonexistent, with the ability to look up any and all information and have a package delivered to your doorstep with the click of a button. A Google study found that if a page takes longer than three seconds to load, the probability of the user leaving the website increases by 90%. This may seem radical, but the truth is that most people just aren’t willing to wait.

ClickFlow understands this and understands that most pages take longer than three seconds to load, so they implement several measures to make sure things load faster. They take a close, in-depth look at which areas are the slowest, combine smaller files into larger ones, and reduce the server response time. These small changes can make all the difference on whether or not the person who visits your website makes a purchase.

If you’ve noticed the traffic to your website has been on the decline lately, don’t worry. ClickFlow can help increase the number of visitors to your website by identifying and pushing your most popular content, bringing back older, successful articles, and making sure your website loads quickly.

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