Stellantis Announces Plans to Become a Mobility Tech Company

Stellantis Announces Plans to Become a Mobility Tech Company

It’s not new that car companies are getting into the tech sector. Recently Stellantis announced a plan to be a tech company for the mobile future.

By the end of the decade, the traditional qualities of the Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram brands could quickly be gone from the market. These brands might include a plethora of new EV models that will take this brand family into the future of driving. The goal is to create models that can offer sophisticated new electrical builds and software that continues to grow every year.

Electric Vehicles are the Future of Cost Savings and Profits

We often look at the electric vehicles entering the market as more eco-friendly models than the polluting gas and diesel vehicles that have been in the market for many decades. We don’t often think about the profits that can come from EVs. With fewer moving parts, profits can grow, and production costs can diminish when looking at electric vehicles. Stellantis projects growth in high-margin profits while enjoying impressive cost savings with the lineup of new EVs that will be part of the market.

The New EV Plan is More Extensive Than You Might Think

Consider that Stellantis brings a family of 14 brands to the global market. The first new EV model is the Chrysler Airflow Concept, which will use the first of the four EV platforms planned between now and the end of the decade. This will only be the first step in Stellantis becoming a tech company, but the goal is to replace everything in the family with electric models. The future of the brands we know will bring us electric SUVs, full-size pickup trucks, small cars, commercial vans, and muscle cars.

We, Will, See the First Platform in 2024

The first systems used to underpin the global change for this automotive company will arrive in 2024. The other three planned platforms will be used by 2030. This gives the company a few models that can offer the build and drive desire for a few years before the following packages of electric driving models will make their way to the market. Even though all 14 brands will use the four platforms offered, there will be brand differentiation using software and technology.

Are the Latest Jeep Models Part of the Plan?

The Jeep Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer just arrived on the market. Are these two luxury-laden full-size SUVs going to be part of the next wave of technology changes? These two models, along with the latest Grand Cherokee, are the first step in turning Stellantis into a tech company. These large SUVs deliver several screens with more tech than we’ve ever seen in a Jeep SUV. We see these models as a start on the path toward the electrified future of the various Stellantis brands that we know and admire.

What are the Three Future EV Platforms Bringing to the Drive?

The first EV platform, used for the new Chrysler Airflow Concept and several future models, offers a traditional driving experience but on an electric platform. The three future platforms each have specified goals of delivering advanced features for the drive. These three should bring:

  • STLA Brain – This platform brings AI capabilities
  • STLA Smart Cockpit – Advanced user experience and connected services are part of this platform
  • STLA AutoDrive – Autonomous driving to Level 3 and Level 4

Does Stellantis have the tech and team to make these future advancements possible?

The Right Partnerships Make a Difference

The Stellantis team is aggressively pursuing the goal of becoming a tech company with these new platforms. They have partnered with Foxconn, one of the most significant makes of iPhones globally, to develop the STLA Smart Cockpit platform. They are also working with BMW and Wyamo for the Level 3 and Level 4 autonomous driving technology needed for the STLA AutoDrive platform. The company is already re-training or hiring 4,500 people to develop the three platforms and understand how to bring them to the market to underpin the future EV models from the various brands.

How Will the do Stellantis Move to Be a Tech Company Help New Car Owners?

The changes coming to the brands we know from this auto group will change how we interact with the vehicles offered as these new platforms make their way to the market. Transformations we will see include:

  • Interactions through voice, touch, gesture, and glance controls. This could include self-parking through nothing more than a nod
  • Additional personalization in the vehicle based on individual preferences
  • Community support through programs that bring groups together through remote Wi-Fi access. This could become the Jeep Trails program.
  • Over-the-air power upgrades for Dodge performance vehicles to allow owners to buy added power for improved performance on the road or track
  • Ram over-the-air updates to increase power for towing and payload
  • Autonomous driving capabilities through on-demand programs for road trips
  • Auto insurance prices are based on usage, not on ownership
  • Upgraded business fleet operation through EcoDrive and Geolocation services

These improvements allow the Stellantis family of vehicles to become mobility solutions that can work great for private owners, adventurers, and fleet operators through technology. This means more than a change to EV models; it’s a change to the tech sector for this company.

A Lofty Goal, Set for the Future

The future of driving is through electric mobility and advanced technology. We see electric vehicles that offer longer driving ranges each year and more tech that improves the safety and security we feel on the road. Will Stellantis become a leading tech company for the future, or will there be a point where they can’t go farther to develop the four platforms desired? As this company begins on this journey, we will see how and where they apply the various changes that will reshape the automotive world and their brands for the future.

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