How to Get Your Business in Google Position Zero

How to Get Your Business in Google Position Zero

Before you can get your website to Google Position Zero, you need to know what this spot is and why it’s so important.

This position on the Search Engine Results Page for a keyword is the most coveted spot in this search engine. This is where the featured snippet appears. The website that sits in this spot is above the paid sites and some high-ranking organic pages. The question is how to get your website to this spot.

Content that Shows Up in this Spot

Position Zero isn’t just for definitions and text. You’ll see these things, but you will also see bulleted lists, images, tables, charts, graphs, and just about any other type of content. Since this spot can be filled with any type of content, why are some pages put in this spot over others? Most of the time, the content you’ll find occupying this spot is filled with answers to common questions and not just general content.

You Can’t Buy Google Position Zero

One of the best things about this spot on the Google pages is that it’s not a paid-for spot. You can’t pay more than other companies to get your content in this position. While that means everyone in the industry has the same chance of reaching Position Zero, you could do everything in your power to get to this spot and never reach it.

Even so, if you follow the steps that can make your pages more attractive to Google, you’ll rank high and offer content to your audience that will benefit them. This should be the foundation of your goal. Let’s look at some of the steps you can take that will move you toward being the featured snippet on the Search Engine Results Pages.

Steps You Should Follow to Get Your Content Ranked Higher

Answer Questions Related to Your Industry

What searches are being made in your industry? What are some of the most frequently asked questions by users on Google? Using a tool like Google Trends can help you find what your users are looking for and what questions are being asked. This can help you find targeted topics and keywords that will work to bring you closer to Position Zero.

Modify a Page that’s Already Ranking Well

Do you have any pages related to the topic you’ve selected that are raking high already? If so, you can make some simple tweaks to this page to bring it to a higher position. This can make the job easier than creating an entirely new page and waiting for that page to gain authority and become a high-ranking page in your collection.

Use a List of Questions and Answers

Often, Google Position Zero is where we see FAQ pages that give us the common questions and answer to those questions. Google can select a specific question and answer and make it the information that’s found in this position. If you have a comprehensive list of these questions along with the right answers, you’ll have a much better chance of getting that page ranked in the most coveted position.

Create a Short For Heading with the Answer

The information that appears in the Search Engine Results Pages are called snippets. These typically are the first paragraph of the content for a page. Create a snippet that is limited to the amount of information that can be found in this area and make sure it directly answers the target question. This will give you an excellent chance of being in the position you want when the question is asked.

Answer the Related Questions

If it were as easy as just creating a snippet answer to a common question, there wouldn’t be a Google Position Zero. You must answer the related questions to the topic to gain authority and allow Google to see that your information is complete and can be used by those searching for the topic you’re addressing. This is where your list of questions can come in handy, but so can simply offering related content.

Create Longer Content

It’s a good idea to break up your paragraphs and have them each take up no more than 50-75 words each. That being said, longer content tends to rank much higher than shorter content. You can offer more information and give your audience one place to find the authoritative information desired. Content that’s more than 1000 words will be ranked closer to Google Position Zero and may grab this spot.

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