Avoid These Digital Marketing Mistakes

Avoid These Digital Marketing Mistakes

There is a bevy of digital marketing mistakes that you need to avoid ensuring your site ranks as high as you want it to.

Search engines, especially Google, have gotten smarter and don’t reward those who try to manipulate their system.  Some of these mistakes relate directly to the algorithm used by search engines and others have to do with your engagement levels with users on your site.

Avoid Being Disrespectful of Your Competition

There’s nothing wrong with a little healthy competition and a good old price war, but you want to remain above board and respectful. When you bad mouth your competitor, you’re going to turn off a portion of your audience. This is certainly one of the most important digital marketing mistakes to avoid. You can glean tons of information from the code of the competitor’s website, but make sure you never undermine them.

Not Using Email Marketing is A Big One of the Digital Marketing Mistakes

Even though it’s the oldest form of online marketing, email marketing is still one of the most important ways for you to engage with your audience. Everyone uses email and when you can send out information with offers and information that users can read at their leisure; you’re going to have a better chance at a lead from that user. Email is also one of the cheapest forms of marketing.

Does Your Website Have a Blog?

While it seems like this factor should go unsaid, one of the most common digital marketing mistakes that some companies make is to have a website that doesn’t include a blog page. The blog is where you can showcase your personality, offer your story, and keep your audience updated on current information. This is the page you’ll use to redirect to other pages on your site. Your blog can become the most powerful marketing tool on your website.

Social Medial Ignorance is Unforgivable

Where are the customers that you want to bring to your website? Most of them are on social media somewhere. Every platform has features and elements that bring something for everyone, which means your customers are waiting for you on social media. Ignorance of how to use social marketing can be the worst of the digital marketing mistakes and you want to avoid it.

Have You Stopped Remarketing?

Remarketing is the act of engaging your visitors after they have left your site. Just because a user didn’t choose a product from your company today doesn’t mean they won’t want to buy from you in the future. Using cookies and creating separate offers for the remarketing campaigns can give you a second chance to close the deal with many users. If you’re not remarketing, you’re being lazy in your efforts.

Lack of Analytics is a Terrible One of the Digital Marketing Mistakes

You need to know how your marketing efforts are performing for you. Are your sales coming from the social media posts, your email marketing, your PPC campaign, or your SEO efforts? This is important information and if you don’t use analytics tools to help you understand where your leads began, you’re making a huge mistake.

Avoid Underdelivering On Your Goods

If you’re running a promotional sale on your website, you need to be prepared for an increase in online traffic to take advantage of the sale. If your technology and hardware can’t support this increased level of engagement, you’re going to receive negative reviews and eventually hurt your reputation. Before you offer something during a peak time that customers will want, have a test run, and ask your IT team to upgrade your hardware for the event.

One of the Top Digital Marketing Mistakes is Ignoring the Importance of Video

Video marketing and presentation have taken over the internet. Whether it’s a video on social media, an informational video on your website, or a promotional video to share specials and sales, your audience can get a feel for you through video. Let your personality come through and allow them to easily find your videos to engage with you and see what you have to offer.

Stay Away From These Mistakes and Reap the Benefits

When you avoid some of the most common digital marketing mistakes that other companies make, you’ll enjoy increased sales, a stellar reputation, and a greater level of engagement with your target audience. Put the strategies in place that can positively impact your business through your online efforts that bring users to your website.

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