Are You Using Advanced Strategies for Your Digital Marketing?

Are You Using Advanced Strategies for Your Digital Marketing?

You’re using the most common digital marketing tools, but have you looked at employing advanced strategies to improve your online presence?

It can be tough to wrap your head around the changes that take place in the digital marketplace. Check out a few advanced possibilities to help bring your company in front of more people that use your products and services.

Create Unique Promotions and Use Direct Tracking

You need to offer promotional pricing or free items to your target audience, more than 75 percent of consumers are expecting this when they open an email or engage with your marketing efforts. Rather than offering blanket discount codes or money-off promotions, you can use advanced strategies for your marketing.

Create a promotion around an event and offer a discount when a customer shows you a QR Code on your phone. Build a promotion with an influencer who will support your brand. Offer promotions to those who built a shopping cart on your site but abandoned the cart for a week or more. These are ways to engage with your audience, create a new way for them to shop, and track the results of these promotions. You’ll easily see how beneficial each promotion is to your business and understand which ones you won’t want to use again.

Add Stronger Influencer Efforts to Your Advanced Strategies

Your social media strategy can use a serious boost with the addition of influencer efforts. Many trusted people on social media will gladly promote your business or showcase your products during their posts in exchange for a few freebies. Many consumers are likely to trust recommendations if they see them being supported by a trusted influencer in the industry. Engage the right influencer and watch the leads come in through your social media accounts.

Contextual SEO is Necessary to Improve Your Visibility

The basic SEO techniques you’ve been employing for several years might not allow you to secure a place at or near the top of search engines unless you pay for the keywords. If you’re more interested in having your content bring you leads organically, you’ll want to improve your SEO for the advanced strategies that will bring more views to your pages.

Google has increased the focus on the factors that make a huge difference in how it ranks pages. The focus is on authority, relevance, and trust (ART) while also adding the user experience to the mix. Ensure the content used isn’t stuffed with keywords but uses them naturally throughout the pages and images that you’re offering your audience. Check your links, images, and videos to ensure they relate to the topic of your written content.

Learn More About the Programmatic Marketing Automation

There’s no denying the fact that AI will play a much larger part in our future, but some of it is already in place. The ads that you see every day have a lot to do with your search history, shopping trends, and social media engagement levels. You see an average of 5,000 ads online every day and these ads need to be directly related to your interests and needs.

The unique aspects of the products and services will help the advertising algorithms present your digital ads to users looking for the items you have to offer. Sometimes the best solution to your marketing is the direct approach rather than a long-winded ad that can take too long to get to the point. With better marketing automation, you’ll have more control over your advertising budget and the results of your efforts.

Continually Validate Your Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is a process that allows your site to be useful on mobile devices as much as it is on a computer. This incorporates the speed that users expect for your site pages to load, the visibility of the pages on the screen, and the usefulness of all features of the site. It’s important that your website is responsive because more than 80 percent of your customers are looking for items on their mobile devices.

Incorporate responsive design into the mix and continually review your site to ensure every page shows up on mobile pages the same as it will on a computer screen. This is absolutely one of the most important advanced strategies needed to make sure your website is serving your needs. If you were going to choose one of these strategies to start with, this would be the one that would make the greatest impact on your business.

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