Digital Marketing –COVID-19 isn’t Over

Digital Marketing –COVID-19 isn’t Over

If you need to take advantage of more impactful digital marketing trends during the early part of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s not too late.

Even though the world is starting to get back to some version of normal, we are still mostly at home, spending time online, and worried about the impact of the pandemic.  Here are several ways you can take advantage of an online connection with your potential customers.

Use Social Media to Connect with Your Audience

Now is the time to create fun, active, entertaining, and educational content that your audience can enjoy. Whether you make fun of yourself in a video that you show on your YouTube channel, showcase your products on your Instagram Stories, or react to your audience through Twitter, you need to connect with them. Now, when they spend more time online, is when you should connect with them.

Ask Your Digital Marketing Team to Review Your Online Presence

How easy is it for you to be found online? Can you search for the products you sell and see your business show up at the top of the search pages? Are your keywords optimized to make sure you show up on the pages with the words you’ve paid for? Is your SEO content bringing in organic results to help your business?

Review your Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing

If you didn’t take advantage of PPC when the pandemic hit, now is the time to ask your digital marketing team to add this to your advertising mix. With more people online and working from home, there are more opportunities for your ads to show up in front of them and bring customers to your doorstep. Review the returns you’re getting from PPC and adjust accordingly.

Where Does Your Competition Show Up?

Now is the time to review your online ranking versus your competition. When you search for a paid keyword does your company show up first or is it one of your competitors? How high does your organic content rank? Is your social media audience larger than your competition? You need to stay ahead of your direct competition and you need to do this by knowing where they rank and where your business ranks online.

Are You Ready for a Movement Back to Offline Selling

If you have a business that customers can open the door and walk into, you may have spent most of the past year selling products online and shipping them through various channels. Once the pandemic fades and more people begin to feel comfortable at stores and restaurants again, will you be ready? This is a look-ahead item, but it can be an important part of your digital marketing shift and should include a message to your online audience to let them know you’re ready to see them in person again.

Engage With Specific Segments of Your Audience

Let your digital marketing team know you want to offer special offers and see what they come up with. You could offer a discount to your Twitter audience with a special order code, you might want to have a giveaway once your Instagram follower number reaches a specified level, or you may want to have a Facebook poll with a special offer for those who answer questions right.

Review Your Online Reviews with Your Digital Marketing Team

Your online reviews have become more important than ever before. With more people online during this pandemic, the reviews, and scores you receive are being used to help new customers make decisions regarding where they will shop and spend their money. If you don’t have very many reviews, offer discounts or rewards for those who fill out positive reviews to help grow that number and increase your score.

Finish Your Digital To-Do List

Did you have a list of things you needed to get done for your digital marketing but have put it off for several months? Why has this list been set aside? Now is the right time to put this list to work and make sure your online presence and marketing are going to fully support your business and make the most out of the money you spend.

The COVID-19 pandemic isn’t over and we don’t know exactly when it will be. There are still many people staying home and working from home. It’s time to reach these potential customers and offer them the services and products that you sell. Upgrade your digital marketing and make the changes that will bring the impact you’re looking for.

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