Are You Taking Advantage of the Latest Digital Marketing Trends?

Are You Taking Advantage of the Latest Digital Marketing Trends?

Digital marketing trends aren’t the same a fashion trends or pop culture icons. They matter and can help your business grow.

You want to be in the newest space where your customers are spending their time ad you want to be competitive with others in your industry to ensure you offer products and services that will make the experience seamless. Let’s look at some of the latest trends and see what you can implement right away.

Customers can Make Purchases in Their Emails

Email marketing is one of the oldest forms of digital marketing and it has evolved over the years to give recipients links that direct them to the products and services they desire. Now, you can offer an easy way to make a purchase right inside the email. Videos are also embedded to avoid the need to leave the email to view the video.

The Use of Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

One of the digital marketing trends that began in 2018 and have grown to benefit all businesses is the use of a PWA. Instead of searching for the app in the app store to set up an account and use the tools offered, a link is offered that immediately launches into the PWA. That link can be used in a social media post, in an email, or in any other marketing location.

Virtual Reality is Growing, Bigtime

We may see a future in which everyone has a set of VR goggles and can quickly put them on to experience a product or service in a virtual world. This tool is becoming more popular for marketing and we see it with YouTube VR which offers an immersive experience where a user can view a video using VR technology if they desire.

Drone Technology is Going to be Huge

How can your business benefit from drone technology? You might think there are limited applications in your industry, but when the airspace is opened and drone technology is offered you might find this technology useful. This is one of the digital marketing trends that will find its way into nearly every part of the online market with applications in surveillance, security, delivery, transportation, and unique perspectives.

Will You Make Use of Artificial Intelligence Soon?

The simplest form of AI is the ads that you see that are geared toward you because of your search history and online habits. Personalization is key to the engagement level you want to enjoy and offer, and AI is the key to this personalization. We might think of AI as used only for machine learning, but it’s being developed to learn about people and offer customers what they desire automatically.

Voice Search is Widespread Now

Not one of the newest digital marketing trends, but certainly something you shouldn’t ignore is voice search. How often do you simply talk into your phone to search for something or yell “Hey Alexa” before asking a question at home? Voice search is already widespread and will continue to grow to a level where we may not need to type anything in a search bar ever again.

The Assistant Needed is a Chatbot

It’s nearly impossible to have a person ready to engage with your customers all the time. Your customers might be night owls and need to have questions answered when you’re not open for business. This is where chatbots come in. These bots engage in conversations with your customers and are programmed to answer questions as needed. They can even suggest solutions to problems, but only to a point.

Adding Conversational Marketing to Your Chatbot

The first use of chatbots was to offer short answers to questions that might not take things deep enough for the user. Conversational marketing is the next level of use of chatbots and is one of the digital marketing trends you need to be aware of. In-depth, questions can be asked and answered, and then the answers are rated by the customer to allow your team to improve your chatbot catalog of answers.

Don’t Forget the Tried and True Digital Marketing Strategies

You want to ensure your customers can engage easily and benefit from what you’re offering. You need to personalize their experience to do this, which is one of the most effective forms of online marketing. Using influencers to promote your business is also an effective way to reach your audience and give them the push needed to purchase from you. Find the right influencer in your industry and let them help you get your message across.

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