Engage an Audience Through Virtual Events

Engage an Audience Through Virtual Events

Are you worried that virtual events are only for large companies? Do you think they are too expensive? Let’s look deeper into this.

With the right tools, you can host your own event and increase the engagement level with your audience. When you want to have events held online, you should follow some of the do’s and don’ts of this activity so that you can present your content to your audience the right way.

Do –Make Sure You Have the Right Platform

There are a variety of ways you can host and present virtual events and not every platform is built the same way. Some could be perfect for your presentation while others might be difficult to navigate and make it hard for your audience. Try out different platforms and figure out which one works best for you. Make sure you test the platform from the audience’s perspective to ensure easy engagement.

Don’t –Leave Out the Story

The most important part of your event is going to be the story. What are you trying to convey to your audience? If you’re a car dealership you could create a series where you showcase a different part of your location each week. You could show off the new models one week, have a service team presentation the next week, have a week about financing a vehicle, and one around the sales and specials offered. Just make sure you keep the story present and consistent.

Do –Find Ways to Encourage Audience Participation

The virtual events you hostshould encourage participation and engagement to ensure that those watching can interact with you during the event. Encourage this type of participation with Q&A sessions at the end, polls, and a chat. You can break after each topic and ask for questions if you like, as long as you’re actively working to encourage participation.

Don’t –Only Have One Event

If you have one event and then never have another, you’re not going to have the full effect of what your events could do for your business. Even after all businesses are back to normal and we can interact fully with each other again, many people love to use online sources and events to engage with companies and learn about products and services offered.

Do –Bring Some Sponsors into the Mix

The virtual events you host can be more impactful if you have sponsors that help you pay for the events and support your goals. You can weave sponsor names into the webinars, videos, livestreams, and your website to show what names support your company. Some of these sponsors might be regular household names that are well-known, giving your event the support that’s needed to be most impactful.

Don’t –Forget to Review the Results

The digital world is full of great ways for you to review the results and learn from your experience. You can figure out how your virtual events perform and the engagement levels with some of the advanced reporting tools that are offered. As you learn from each one, you’ll be able to enjoy making new events better for your audience. This should increase your engagement levels.

Do –Ask for Feedback

Whether through an online survey after the event or through a review later, you should ask for feedback from those who have connected to your event. The virtual events you host can improve and offer more information that your audience wants to enjoy when you take their feedback and put it to good use. Make sure you request the information from them and thank them for being part of your event.

Don’t –Dwell on Your Topics Too Long

Unless you’re hosting an event that has to do with the technical side of your business, you should stick to the highlights of the topic. If you’re selling products and services to customers, they don’t want or need to knowall the details of how you’re performing as a company, they want to know how the products work and can benefit them. Move the event along after you tell them what they need to know.

Do –Have Fun with Virtual Events

If you’re having fun when youhost your events, your audience can have fun too. It truly doesn’t matter what the topic is, if you can weave some form of enjoyment into the presentation, your audience will enjoy it more and engage more fully. Make sure you highlight how each part of the presentation can benefit them. Leave your audience wanting much more from your virtual events.

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