How Can You Use Twitter for Your Car Dealership?

How Can You Use Twitter for Your Car Dealership?

More cars are sold with leads from Twitter than any other social media platform. How can you make use of it for your car dealership?

There are many ways to ensure you’re getting the most out of your Twitter account, but how often are you updating your posts? Have you kept up with the latest trends to ensure your posts have the information your customers are looking for? Here are some ideas that might help.

Search Terms and Location Are Important on Twitter

You’re trying to make it easier for customers to find your car dealership on Twitter. This means combining search terms in your posts to ensure this is easy for them. Whether you use generic terms such as “car shopping” or “new cars for sale” and use the zip code or your city, the right combination can help bring more customers to your account.

Stop with the Constant Sales Pitch

It’s obvious that you’re selling cars, but it doesn’t have to be part of every mention on your Twitter posts. Instead of selling, try to use an approach that’s less direct and more about what your customers love about your dealership. Highlight your staff, talk about local events, showcase the service department, and talk about how easy it is for your customers to become part of your family.

Be Engaging and Responsive With the Twitter Account for Your Car Dealership

You need to respond to those that connect with you on Twitter or any other social media site. If you receive a complaint, respond professionally, and spell out the resolution offered. If you receive compliments, share them with your online community. If someone praises one of your employees, make sure they are mentioned and add something personal from that employee.

Use Hashtags to Improve Your Television Marketing

You’ve probably bought some spots from your local TV stations to have your commercial run during different shows. Use hashtags with the show name to engage with the audience watching the show while using Twitter at the same time. Many of your local customers may tweet about the show and will see the commercials you offer. These hashtags can be a great way for you to engage with this audience.

Attend Twitter Chats to Gain Some of the Latest Ideas

These Twitter Chats can give you some advice and ideal for using Twitter for your car dealership.

#ContentChat –Monday 3-4 pm EST

If you’re looking for marketing advice that’s specific to Twitter and car dealerships, this is the place to be. You’ll be glad to hear from some of the guest experts that attend the chat and talk about the best ways to market your business on social media and through your blogs.

#ExpoChat –Tuesday 12-1 pm EST

When trade shows are an important part of how your car dealership is recognized, you’ll want to attend this Twitter chat. This is a chat where you can learn more about what happens on the expo floor and how you can use the experience offered as part of your marketing plan. Your audience will love to hear about your experiences at the trade shows and what you’ve learned that can help them.

#InfluenceChat –Thursday 12-1 pm EST

Can you get some great ideas from other people? Of course you can, and some of the best can be the influencers in the automotive world. Use some of the strategies offered in your car dealership Twitter account and let them work for you. This can be a fun chat for you to attend and enjoy every week.

#SMChat –Wednesday 1-2 pm EST

Turn some of the most important and useful social media practices into the best marketing ideas for your car dealership. Employing the ideas you learn in this chat will make your car dealership Twitter account be one of the most popular local accounts. Learn everything you can from the discussion brought to you by experts in the digital marketing field.

#CarChat –Wednesday 8-10 pm EST

This might be the right Twitter chat for you to improve the digital marketing for your car dealership. You can enjoy the conversation and engage from home after you’ve finished working for the day. You’ll be ready to head to work with some new ideas and the goals of how your dealership pages should look on Twitter. Let the Twitter account you have for your car dealership be one of the most impactful tools to your success. Your local audience can engage with you and your dealership can be one of the most successful on this platform with these ideas and chats.

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