Boost Your Car Sales with These Handy Social Media Tips

Boost Your Car Sales with These Handy Social Media Tips

What are some of the best ways for car salespeople to utilize social media to sell cars? With some useful tips, sales can soar and commissions rise.

If you begin to treat your social media accounts like you would a conversation with your family and friends, you’ll head in the right direction. Although the initial post is one-sided, with you as a car salesperson offering information to the user, once the comments start flowing, the conversation becomes much more engaging and interactive.

Here are seven great tips to help car salespeople to utilize social media to improve car sales.

Presentation is key

What image are you presenting to your audience? Even if you’re looking to add a little fun to your posts, you should begin with a professional look that users can take seriously. Be mindful of being serious but not stuffy, which can be a thin line for many.

Once you have your look right, think about what you’re saying to your audience. Everything you say should be in the first person, and be mindful of your audience. Don’t forget to share your contact info somewhere in the post, especially if it’s a bio post or an early entry.

Share what you know

Why should your potential customers trust you? This is an important question to answer for car salespeople utilizing social media to sell cars. Can you address the concerns of your audience? Do you have vehicles to meet specific needs? What are the details of a particular vehicle?

It’s important to build trucks and credibility when utilizing social media for product sales. Do this by:

  • Spotlighting a vehicle with a detailed review
  • Financing information and specials
  • Demonstrate a popular vehicle feature
  • Show community involvement posts
  • Share screenshots of excellent customer reviews

Be engaging and active in your social media

Don’t forget the social aspect of social media. This means you’ve got to engage and provide feedback to users when they comment on your posts. Car dealerships typically have a lot of downtime, which means you should do at least five social media things every day. Here’s a list of things to choose from:

  • Like a post
  • Share something newsworthy
  • Comment on a post with value
  • Wish congratulations to your connections (including happy birthday or anniversary)
  • Publish a story or image
  • Follow an influencer and comment on their posts
  • Google yourself and take action to improve what you find
  • Write an article on your blog and share it on Facebook or LinkedIn
  • Ask for a review

Use quality over quantity in your connections

Car salespeople with a large number of social media connections might not have the same positive impact on car sales as others with only a few connections. The quality of the professional connections is much more important than the quantity. If you have connections that are willing to boost your posts and share your information with others while you do the same for them, you’ve got some good connections.

Tell your audience who you are

How will you introduce yourself to your audience? If you create an introductory video that can be posted to the top of all your social media accounts, this will help your audience get to know you and your experience when connecting with you. You only need 15 seconds to introduce yourself in this video; if it’s much longer, some people will tune you out and lose interest.

Groups have value

One of the best ways car salespeople can boost their social media presence and improve their reach is to join groups on Facebook and LinkedIn. Some of the best conversations you’ll have on social media happen within these groups. Some car shoppers check these groups because they trust them to have professionals with the right information to help them buy the right car. These groups help you gain authority, information, and exposure in the automotive community.

Share success stories

Tell the story of your customers and their experiences with you. If you have a story that started out negative, but you turned it around, this can be a great social media post for potential customers to see your problem-solving skills. When you have customers who rave about the service and vehicle you sold them, these are great stories to share. Once you have permission from your customers, ask them to help you with a video review or interview that can be shared on social media.

Selling cars is challenging. It’s important that car salespeople take advantage of all the tools and features available on social media to engage with potential customers and sell more cars. Use these tips to get a head start.

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