Can Snapchat Sell Cars?

Can Snapchat Sell Cars?

You can absolutely sell cars using Snapchat and it can be one of the greatest marketing tools you use every week to engage with followers.

Car dealerships seem to be an old business, but they can be proof that you can teach an old business to do new tricks. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can make Snapchat part of your marketing strategy.

Use On-Demand Geofilters to Promote Sales

A Geofilter is a Snapchat lens that allows a user to place small art graphics over a photo. The on-demand geofilter gives you communication with your followers when you take a photo. You can encourage your customers to use this app when they purchase a vehicle or when they connect with you during a sales event. This will give you communication with your local audience.

Capitalize on Happy Customers

Using photos of happy customers next to their purchase and posting them to your dealership’s Snapchat live stories is a great way to build a positive report with your audience. Post about the happy customers, which could lead to potential new customers for your dealership. Others can see their friends and neighbors on your posts and want to have the same positive experience with your dealership when they come to buy from you.

Create Flash Sales

Make your Snapchat followers feel special with exclusive sales that last 24-48 hours and are only for your followers on this social media platform. Run a promotion that will give them a special code in your Snapchat story to get the message out. Encourage your followers to use screenshots of the Snap and share them with their friends and family who might be ready to buy a new or used car.

Encourage Your Sales Staff to Promote Inventory Via Snapchat

The Stories function is a great way for your staff to get out and show off the vehicles you have on the lot. This gives your staff a chance to share their personality, give customers a tour of a vehicle, and let them know what kind of deals they can expect when visiting your location. Let them show new arrivals and special sales items to bring customers in.

Share Occasional Discounts or Coupon Codes

Use Snapchat to share some coupon codes and let your customers know that you have promotions and discounts for them when they arrive and show wit you. After you share coupon codes for service or your vehicles, entice your followers to come and see your team by making them feel that they are the only ones getting this deal. Special offers bring customers in and this is a great way to use this social platform.

Staff Features

Introduce your staff through Snapchat and let them show their personality in your posts. By sharing the company culture and people that are part of your brand gives your dealership a human element and shows your potential customers that you have people that are ready to care about them. This gives your customers names and faces they can be familiar with when they arrive.

OfferMaintenance Tips Through Snapchat

Simple maintenance tips can help your customers save money, which they will certainly appreciate. Offer some simple guidance from your maintenance staff on your Snapchat Stories. With consistent educational maintenance tips, your customers will stay engaged and expect to see a new tip every week or two when you show them on your story and let them know some of the best ways to take care of their vehicles.

Talk About the Features of the Cars You Sell

Some customers may come to your dealership and buy a car but not know what some of the features are. Show them how to use the items that are part of what they drive so they can make the most use out of the car. With simple guidance and a git of instruction, your shoppers can have the experiences they want with the cars they drive every day.

Host a Q & A Snapchat

Create real-time engagement with a Q & A session that will help to build meaningful relationships with your customers and your Snapchat followers. This encourages your followers to send in questions that you can answer. You can give them a feeling of recognition and personal connection to your dealership by informing the audience where the question came from. Host one of these sessions and see how the engagement increases for your dealership account.

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