Newgate Offers an Alternative to Kars4Kids


One of the largest car donation programs in the country is Kars4Kids. They are an excellent charity that raises money for underprivileged children by auctioning off the cars that are donated.
This organization uses its own staff to process donations and turn them into cash for the kids through the auction process. Unfortunately, if you have an old car that needs repairs or doesn’t work well, Kars4Kids can’t do much with it.

Some Maintenance and Repair Capabilities

The team at Kars4Kids is interested in using the money gained from their auctions to help kids. They don’t spend much time worrying about cars that need to be repaired. They have some mechanics on staff to handle minor maintenance, replace consumable items, and make sure the car is ready to be sold at auction. They aren’t going to spend time rebuilding a car which means some cars are simply scrapped to add more money to the coffers.

A Great Alternative for You

If you’ve bought a new car and need to find a way to get rid of your old car, there is an alternative to the Kars4 Kids program. Bring your old car to the Newgate School and make a donation to this location. It doesn’t matter what condition your car is in; this school will take your car and has a use for it.

Any Car, Any Condition Helps Newgate

The Newgate School is a special school that’s goal is to train the next set of automotive technicians that will be working on cars at shops around the area. The students of this school can learn to work on any car that’s brought to the school as a donation. No matter if your old car runs or if it doesn’t operate any longer, they can work to rebuild the car and get it going again.

Students Learn On All Models

While the Kars4Kids organization is about helping kids with money from auctioned cars, which is admirable, the Newgate School is training students to have a career. These students learn about all makes and models of cars and receive hands-on experience with the cars that are donated. When you donate a car to the Newgate School, there are three ways this organization uses your old car.

Newgate has Auctions; Similar to Kars4Kids

The Newgate School has been self-sustained since 1982 and never charged any students a tuition fee to attend. This is possible through the auctioning of many cars that are donated. The students work with the staff to bring these cars to like-new condition and then sell them auction at an extremely fair price. The money from these auctions goes to ensure students never have to pay tuition to attend this school.

Donated Cars are Used as Training Tools

Unlike Kars4Kids, if a car is donated to the Newgate School, it’s going to be useful, even if it never sees time on the road again. The students at the school can learn what caused the car to fail and no longer be able to be driven. These students get experience working on cars that don’t run to try and make them work again, which can be some of the best training they receive.

Newgate Supports Wheels for Women

Some of the cars donated to the Newgate School are turned around and donated to the Wheels for Women program. The students and staff at the school review the vehicles and make sure they will be reliable models to drive for single mothers in the area. Once these cars have passed the inspection process, they are donated to this organization to be given to a family in need.

Title Work is Easy at Kars4Kids and the Newgate School

Both the Newgate School and Kars4Kids have staff on hand to handle the title work you need to be completed when you want to donate a car. You can donate your old car to either organization and leave with a tax deduction certificate in your hands. You’ll be glad to have made a difference in the lives of kids, students, single mothers, or those who purchase your old vehicle at one of the auctions.

Bring Your Car to the Right Place

There’s nothing wrong with donating a working vehicle to the Kars4Kids organization. They do a lot of great work for kids and can sell your old car at auction. If you have a vehicle that doesn’t work right, has a lot of damage, or has to be towed to the donation site, you should choose the Newgate School. They can make better use of your old car and train more students to work on vehicles.

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