Should Stories Be Part of Your Social Media Strategy?

Should Stories Be Part of Your Social Media Strategy?

Several social media platforms now offer you the benefits of a Stories feature to share a bit of what your dealership has to offer.

The question you have to ask is whether or not this feature is something you need to put time, energy, and money into when you’re trying to sell cars.  The short answer to this query is, “yes” you do need to use the Stories feature and it should be a big part of your social strategy.

A Fantastic Relationship

There’s no secret when you think about the fact that storytelling and content marketing go hand in hand. The premise of marketing online is to tell the story of a brand, a person, or an organization to let the world know what they stand for and what they have to offer. Due to the growth in popularity, social media Stories have become some of the most trending storytelling forms used today.

Where Can You Tell Your Stories?

The first social media platform to offer this feature was Snapchat. The popularity of this feature has made its way to Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp, and Facebook already with other platforms following. The entire use of Snapchat and TikTok has to do with using videos to tell some type of story that can be shared. With so many different platforms where you can put your story out there and let people enjoy what you have to offer, they should be part of your strategy.

Why Do They Matter?

Humans are born with a so-called “story drive” which is a hunger to listen to someone tell us a tale. It doesn’t often matter if they are telling us a factual account or one that’s fictional, we love to listen and interact with a tale. The better the storyteller, the more we’re going to pay attention. Think about a picture of a small child on his grandfather’s lap as they read a storybook together, this is what social media is offering.

Build a Narrative

Using storytelling effectively allows you to build the content strategy that will enable you to share the story of your dealership with the world. Whether you’re trying to put the focus on a brand, a few models, or the features offered, you can share the tale of these items with your audience through the Stories features of various social media platforms.

What is Social Media Stories All About?

In short, Stories is one of the most trending social media formats being used today. This feature makes it possible for users to create photo and video collections that can be viewed only a few times before disappearing after 24 hours. This means the content has to be relevant, timely, and engaging because it’s only going to be offered for one day.

Endless Possibilities

The Stories feature makes it possible for you to add content throughout the day and keeps it all in one place. You can create a story in any way you want and engage with your customers. For example, Instagram offers a variety of ways to capture video, use simple text, and implement stickers in creative ways to show your customer base. This makes the story more fun and impressive.

What Are the Benefits of Adding Stories to Your Strategy?

The core idea behind this feature on social media suits the modern lifestyle and the sharing habits of users around the world. Some of the main advantages of using this feature are:

• Increase brand awareness

• Constant engagement with the followers

• Cost-effectiveness of the tool

• Increase traffic to your web page

• Opportunity to reach younger audiences

Not Just a Buzzword

We hear buzzwords in business all the time, but using storytelling to share what your car dealership is doing and offering isn’t one of the data you need to support using social media Stories is:

• 57% Female, 48% Males, and 61% teenagers in the US use Snapchat Stories

• 52% Male and 43% Female in the US use Instagram Stories

• There’s an average of 35.5% active users worldwide sharing their Instagram

• 7% of Facebook users share their videos through Facebook Stories

• There are 450 million active users on Snapchat, Instagram Stories, and WhatsApp Status combined

• The most popular types of Stories for a brand on Instagram are Merchandise content. These are stories that give an “inside look” involving a Guest Takeover or showcasing an event.

You Need to Implement Stories in Your Social Media

Become a great storyteller for your car dealership and share what you have to offer through your social media accounts and the Stories feature. This feature allows you to engage and offer a personal touch that your audience will appreciate and enjoy.

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