Smart Tools for Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Smart Tools for Your Digital Marketing Strategy

When you have the right set of smart tools, you can do anything. This is true in every area of your business, including digitally.

The tools you want to use continue to keep up with the latest trends, have the features needed, and can give you the results you’re looking for. Take a look at some of the best tools to improve your online marketing.

Google Analytics is The Best of the Smart Tools

Before you add any other tools to your list, make sure you’re using Google Analytics. This is the tool to track the website traffic, tell you where you need to make improvements, and it keeps up with what Google requires for raking your website. You can share the data and reports with your team to ensure updates are made that will give you the best online results.

Your Videos Just Got a Kickstart with Beatleap by Lightricks

Sometimes it can be hard to figure out how to match the video to the muse you want to use. You don’t have the time or money to invest in the tools used by the largest companies in the industry, but that doesn’t mean your videos have to suffer. Beatleap will match the music to the video using artificial intelligence. This tool includes 1,000 songs and works great for all social media platforms.

Free Smart Tools Can be the Best, Check Out Hubspot

Regardless of what stage you’re in, you can grow your business and take the next step forward with Hubspot. This tool assists in building the campaign you want to offer and it has many free tools included that can give you the guidance you’re looking for. If your marketing budget is small, this might be the most useful tool for you to improve your online presence.

Give Your Brand Consistency with VennGage

You want your brand to look the same across all platforms and in every online arena. To do this, you need to use the right smart tools for the job. Add VennGage to the mix and enjoy the use of the Brand Kit included which will save the elements of your brand identity and include it in your online world to give you the consistent and professional look you desire.

Respond to Your Customers Faster with SentiOne

Artificial intelligence is part of our world and will continue to grow. Adding SentiOne to your toolbox gives you a social listening device that will engage with your customers more easily. This AI-driven assistant can respond to messages faster and analyze the data to ensure you can present your message to your customers the right way and give them what they are looking for.

Finteza: The Best Smart Tools Can Report Results

How are your call-to-action messages performing? Do you have some content that you love but it’s not attracting much attention at all? Make sure you employ Finteza and let this tool be one that tells you how your content is helping your marketing strategy. This tool analyzes and identifies your best-performing CTAs and content to give you the results you desire.

Smart Content Created Through Text Optimizer

Adding your topic to Text Optimizer can give you the information you need to know what content you should add to the mix. Whether you’re creating a blog post, social media post, or another type of content, this can be the right one of the smart tools offered that you turn to more often than any other. Run this tool and let it be your guide.

Turn Your Content into More with

When you want to use your web pages and turn them into newsletters and emails, is the right tool for you. Using this tool to curate your content and build a newsletter or send out an email that’s part of your marketing strategy, you’ll love the consistency of web pages that your users can click on and head over to your website to make use of the content you offer.

CrazyEgg Tells You What You Want to Know

When you’re looking for impactful smart tools, CrazyEgg is one that gives you important information. Where are your users clicking when they visit your website? This tool will tell you. CrazyEgg is called a heat mapping tool that offers you the information you want to know when trying to see where most of your visitors are on your website. You’ll also know where they scroll, when they leave, and which pages they are most interested in.

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