5 Tools That Can Level Up Your SEO

5 Tools That Can Level Up Your SEO

Level up your SEO and make it much stronger by implementing tools that are designed to make your job much easier.

Whether you’re looking for a tool that can find all the meta tags from a domain or identify the crawling issues of a website without manually reviewing it, you need to have the SEO tools that will give you a leg up. These five can be perfect for your website and the best part about them is they are all free.

Google Page Speed Insights

Page loading speed is one of the most important elements of a website and impacts your ranking on Google. When you want to level up your SEO, you need to make sure your pages load quickly and offer the information your visitors are searching for. Google Page Speed Insights is a free tool that checks the speed of your site and provides suggestions to improve the speed.

To use this tool, you will enter the URL of your website and then click the “analyze” button to make it work. Once this is done, you’ll receive a score and the suggestions needed to improve your speed. The goal is to receive a score of over 90, which indicates your website loads quickly on both desktop and mobile devices.

Mobile-Friendly Test

More searches are performed on mobile devices than ever before which makes it more important than ever to optimize your site for mobile users. Put Mobile-Friendly Test to work and let this free tool give you the information you need that will allow you to check the responsiveness of the website on mobile.

Using this tool will level up your SEO when you enter the URL of your site and click the “run test” button. In just a few seconds, you’ll know if your website is mobile-friendly or not. This tool also gives you suggestions to optimize your site for mobile devices so that you can ensure your site is right for your users that perform searches on their phones and tablets.

Schema Creator

Using Schema Creator, you can customize how your business looks in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) including your reviews, operating hours, events, etc. A schema is a model for describing information and this free tool can help you level up your SEO by offering the look and layout that you’re looking for when you build your website.

Select the type of markup you want to create from the drop-down menu and enter the details of your business. This tool will generate the schema data you need with the right code so that you can copy and paste it into the header section of your HTML document. Integrating the schema code is easy and makes your site look amazing on the SERPs.

SEO Book’s Robots.txt Generator

Another great free tool for you to use is Robots.txt which is a special file that tells search engines which pages to index from your website. The tool allows you to generate the file that commands the search engine crawlers which pages should be crawled and which ones are to be left out of the index. Let this tool help you level up your SEO.

Choose a command and enter the name of the file or directories to create the rules for your website using robots.txt files. This tool allows you to keep confidential files from being accessed and make them public. This free tool also generates the required text files in seconds, making your job much easier.


One of the most popular free SEO tools is SEOquake. This took is an extension that displays an SEO overview of any given page through a toolbar or SERP overlay. This could be the took that allows you to level up your SEO the way you want. You want results, this is the free tool that will help you see what needs to be improved quickly.

Once you install SEOquake on your browser, you will see a toolbar that can quickly run a complete SEO audit of any website. This tool is useful because it offers you the audit information you need to make it easy for you to improve the SEO features of your website.

Bring Your SEO to The Top

When you put some of these free tools to work on your website, you’re going to see improvements in how your site ranks right away. Follow the suggestions, implement the changes, and watch how quickly your site reaches the top pages on Google and other search engines.

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