Digital Marketing Trends You Want to Add to Your Strategy

Digital Marketing Trends You Want to Add to Your Strategy

In order to stay competitive in an ever-changing online world, you must take advantage of some of the latest digital marketing trends.

Some of these trends are designed to aid your website rank higher on search engines while others will present your information to users in a new way. As we take a look at some of the changes being made in the online world, you can figure out how you’re going to change your strategy for the better.

Improve Your Website Security to Build More Trust

Hackers have gotten smarter and users are more cautious than ever about their information which is used online. If a visitor lands on your website and they don’t feel secure, they are likely to leave quickly. This increases your bounce rate which then lowers the ranking you’ll have on Google. Protect your ranking and your users with excellent website security.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is Growing

While not one of the most important digital marketing trends for 2021, you will see more products that we purchase offering a tracking program to give you the story you may want of the item you purchase. Currently, some companies offer digital touchpoints and promotions when connecting to the products through the use of 5G technology. Expect to see more IoT being used in the near future.

Use Long-Form Content to Show Greater Authority

The days of short excerpts and posts that don’t have much to them are over. If you want to increase the authority of your content it needs to be at least 3,000 words long if it is text-heavy. This gives you time to give readers an in-depth look at the topic and offer more information than what you could if your posts were only 500 words long. This also offers more opportunities for backlinks to be used.

Add Semantic Keyword Search to Your Strategy

When shorter posts were the best way to create content a single keyword worked just fine, but with longer posts, you need to have supporting terms which are called semantic keywords. This is one of the most important digital marketing trends and a great way to have your content feel more natural and informative when you offer it to your users. Find the related terms and work to include them in your content.

Boost Your Ranking with Structured Data SEO

You do need to play to the search engine to be ranked higher on Google and other search engines. One way to satisfy the website crawlers that are used is to employ structured data SEO which organizes your data in a way that makes it easier for the search engines to categorize your website pages. You’ll want to learn how to employ this process in your strategy.

Don’t Forget About Other Search Engines

Of course, Google is the king of search engines and you must make sure your content meets the ever-changing algorithm on Google to rank where you want. That doesn’t mean you should forget about Bing or Yahoo as other search engines. Spend some time ensuring your content is right for these search engines as well. This could be one of the most beneficial digital marketing trends for your company.

Evolve to the Voice Marketing Funnel

Voice search has been around for a few years but now we also find a voice marketing funnel that can benefit your company as well. This is part o the marketing journey that can offer users information and advertising when they are along the search path. Whether it’s an offer of a product that will go with an item purchased or services that can benefit the user, the voice marketing funnel can be important for your business.

Continue to Improve Your Social Media Marketing

There may be new platforms offered this year, there are certainly new ways to promote your business on social media, and you need to take advantage of the social media world to engage your customers. This is one of the digital marketing trends you’re already engaged in, but you may want to take a look at your current efforts and see if there are opportunities for improvement.

Neuromarketing is a Thing of the Future

By measuring your brain activity various marketing materials can be offered to you in the future. These materials can then evolve based on the reactions that happen in your brain. The emotions that are triggered will have a lot to do with what you’re offered. Neuromarketing isn’t something you will use this year, but it is being studied and may be offered in the near future.

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