Social Media Tips for the Car Dealer

Social Media Tips for the Car Dealer

Social media is one of the most important arenas for you to advertise for your business if you want to reach your potential customers.

As a car dealer, you need to capture your audience and let them know you have what they want to buy. Whether you’re offering excellent deals on new models, a variety of fantastic used cars, or you’re showcasing your services, social media is a wonderful place for you to make your pitch to a captive audience.

Tips that Can Help Your Dealership Stand Out on All Social Platforms

The type of posts you make on social media can make a huge difference in how your local customers view your business. Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to showcase your dealership and bring more customers through your doors.

Give Your Blogs a Boost

Most social media platforms allow you to add a link to the bottom of a post and if you have blog posts that relate to the content you’ve shared, you can add that link. You could also highlight your blog entirely by making it the main topic of your posts on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

Reach the Younger Audience on Instagram

More millennials than any other age group use Instagram and this platform is ready-made for car dealerships. You can easily take photos or videos and show them on this platform to give youraudience something to enjoy. Use the Stories feature and make this platform work for you.

Videos Can Make All the Difference

Add a variety of videos to your YouTube channel and share them across all platforms. More online users than ever before are watching videos and not reading content that’s written in text. You can offer videos that will bring more viewers to your pages by adding links to all your social accounts.

Use Your Customers in Your Social Media

When a customer purchases a vehicle they have a feeling of elation that spreads across their face. Capture this excitement and use your customers as part of your social media advertising. These shoppers are the friends, family members, and neighbors of the next wave of customers that will visit your dealership to choose a great vehicle to drive.

Let Your Team Be Part of the Story

Many people love to work with someone they feel familiar with. This means showing off your team in your social media posts and allowing them to be part of the story. Let your audience get to know your team and build the familiar and comfortable feeling they want to enjoy.

Facebook and Twitter are Paramount to Your Success

FacebookMarketplace has become one of the most popular places for car dealers to showcase their inventory and Twitter has been the social media platform most responsible for car sales over the past several years. You don’t want to miss out on this success, be present on both of these platforms.

Engage Your Social Media Audience

Your audience might have many questions about your car dealership and want to ask them. If you host live events, offer Q & A sessions, or offer polls to your followers they can have these questions answered. This is a great way to engage your audience and give them what they want.

Don’t Forget About LinkedIn

While LinkedIn isn’t the most popular social platform, it is the place where most working professionals have theirinformation and is a great place for you to engage with them. Many people commute to work every day and they need reliable vehicles to get there. Offer your car dealership as an option for them.

Holiday, Sales, and Event Posts

If there’s something special going on at your dealership, it should be showcased on your social media accounts. Whether you’re having a special holiday sale, have amazing discounts and rebates, or you’re hosting a fundraising event, you want to let users know what’s goingon.

Add Influencers for Greater Reach

Social media influencers have large audiences of followers and there are many of them in the automotive world. Find one or two that fit what your dealership has to offer and ask them to showcase your dealership in their posts. The benefits of influencers are amazing and you’re sure to see more traffic in your showroom.

Ask for and Post Reviews

Ask your customers to fill out reviews for you. These reviews can be added to Google or Yelp and then you can link to them so that other customers can see how your shoppers feel about your dealership. This is a great way to build trust in the community and bring in more customers.

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