Following the Trends Can Lead to Digital Marketing Success

Following the Trends Can Lead to Digital Marketing Success

Why are some processes trends while others become tried and true formulas? In the digital marketing world, this is because of constant change.

If we were to only advertise and market the same way that worked when advertising first began we would simply hang products outside on the porch for all to see what we had for sale. This no longer works as the main way of marketing, but the concept is much the same.

Which Trends Will You Follow to Hang Your Products on the Porch

Today, that porch has transformed into a digital world where you can use various methods to showcase products and services that others may want to use and experience. The trends for digital marketing give you new tools to use while bringing in some of the most trusted methods to help you have success with what you have to sell. Let’s look at some of the top trends:

Branding is Still Huge

For many years, the brand of a product has been a huge selling point. Think about how you feel when you see the Mercedes-Benz brand versus when you see the Mitsubishi brand. They are both car brands, but you expect much more from Mercedes-Benz than you do from Mitsubishi.

Branding makes a huge difference in your digital marketing as well. You want your written advertising to be expertly written with quality content to give your pages the authority needed. This authority is increased with your website that has been used and trusted for many years. The trustworthiness of your name and brand increases the likelihood your content will be at the top of search engine results pages.

Branding is extremely important and it makes a difference in the purchase decision of your potential customers.

Trends Toward Better Analytics in Digital Marketing

The more ways we have to advertise online, the more we have the capability to measure the impact and effectiveness of the advertising offered. You want to have the best analytics tools in your toolbox to measure your advertising campaigns. The tools we have now not only show where your ads were shown and which users clicked on them, but they also give you demographic information along with the journey of a user through your website.

No longer are you tossing noodles at the wall to see what sticks. Instead of the wide reach of television and radio advertising, your ads can be targeted and the analytics tools that you use can help you put your ads where they can be most impactful. Imagine knowing that you’re reaching customers who have recently shown an interest in the products you sell. That could make a huge difference in the value you receive from your advertising.

5G Technology is Here to Stay

Mobile marketing is extremely important and now we have more devices and smartphones that have been upgraded to the fifth generation (5G) of mobile technology. Everything you see on your smartphone and mobile device is faster, better, clearer, and more cohesive with this technology on your device. This can be one of the most important trends for you to implement into your digital marketing.

If you’re concerned that 6G might be here before you fully integrated to 5G, don’t be. We don’t expect the sixth generation of mobile technology to be offered for several years. It’s going to take many industries a few more years to fully integrate into 5G technology and they won’t be ready to push for another upgrade until getting their money’s worth out of 5G first.

Privacy is More Important than Ever

With more hackers than ever that seem to find ways into computer systems to take personal and company information, privacy is a key trend that probably won’t go away anytime soon. Some major companies have been hit with huge fines and lawsuits for failure to protect the personal data of customers and guests. Privacy is huge and it needs to be part of your digital marketing process every day.

What does increased privacy mean for your company? You need to understand the regulations and requirements regarding privacy when you build pages and market to customers. Are you adding privacy marketing to the list of things you want to offer?

This is easily one of the most important digital marketing trends that you can present to your users. People want to feel safe and secure when they visit your site and it’s your responsibility to make that happen for your users.

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