Perfect Your Landing Page With Instablocks

Perfect Your Landing Page With Instablocks

Post items to your landing pages by just clicking on the content? You can if you’re using Instablocks which has been created by Instapage.

This new development makes it much easier for you to build your landing pages and have content loaded right into the page the way you want. Let’s take a look at the development and use of this new technology.

Landing Pages are Better than Home Pages

The early days of the internet had marketers sending users from blog posts to the homepage of a website. This didn’t always translate into leads or give users the information they were looking for. Thankfully, landing pages have been developed to be the place where most marketers will send users when they click on specific links within their content. This allows a user to have content that relates to the post they were viewing.

Post-Click Landing Pages Translate into Conversions

When users visit the homepage of a website, they could be there for a variety of reasons. If a user is viewing your promotional content and they want to take advantage of the deal you offer, they will be pleased to make use of the post-click landing page offered to see the offer and close the deal. Your advertising converts better when the deal you present is followed by a page that has the offer for your customers to complete.

The Newest Way to Create These Pages

How does the history of online marketing and post-click landing pages have anything to do with Instablocks? The answer is pretty simple; Instablocks is the newest way to create post-click landing pages. This new method is made to improve workflow, save time, and scale the production needed. Currently, we don’t have any other software that has this same capability and functionality to give marketers the tools they need.

The World Before Instablocks

To test a marketing campaign, page creators had to create, publish, and A/B test pages to see which methods worked best. Any updates or changes had to be done manually and that was slow and tedious. Using Instablocks allows teams to create page “blocks” to avoid duplicated work and create a larger volume of post-click landing pages to be used.

This Process Creates Consistency for Teams

Rather than offering your audience pages that have various looks to them, which could make your users a bit dizzy, you can have a template design that only needs to have the content loaded to offer the style and presentation you’re looking for. This is an exceptional feature for a marketing team trying to create more brand awareness and a look that can be quickly recognized as belonging to the parent company.

Enjoy the Amazing Features

Instablocks brings you features that will save time and energy for your entire team. Three of the main features you’ll find are:

1. Custom Blocks –This feature saves blocks you’ve created and shares them with your team to be reused across the various post-click landing pages you create.

2. Block Templates –A variety of unique templates that make it easy for you to quickly build the post-click landing pages with several unique blocks for your information.

3. Instablocks Widget –This feature allows you to quickly add, duplicate, save, or delete blocks to create the landing pages you need rather than only one of these items per widget.

You’re going to be pleased to have these features at your disposal, especially if you work with a remote team to build and create the pages that will offer you the look and conversions that you need.

Add Global Blocks to the Process

If the same update is required on several of your post-click landing pages, the use of Global Blocks will be the right way to make this happen. Do you want to visit every page and make the simple change that’s required or would you rather update a single block and have it shared across all pages? This is what Global Blocks can do for you and your team.

Save Time and Make More Money

The purpose of your digital marketing is to create advertising that converts into sales. The post-click landing pages are one of the best ways to make this happen. Put Instablocks and Global Blocks to work for your team and let everyone work more efficiently. You’ll love the consistent design, the single blocks that can be used on several pages, and the easy functionality of these tools.

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