Direct-Marketing & Is It Effective in 2019?

Direct-Marketing & Is It Effective in 2019?

There are still plenty of benefits to using direct-marketing in your strategies even though it’s not the sexiest of marketing strategies.

You may think that with the ease of accessing knowledge online and new digital marketing efforts that there is no need for direct-marketing in the automotive industry, but you’d be surprised.

Targeting Those Likelier to Buy

Direct-marketing lets you personalize and really target those customers who have explored your site before and have shown a keen interest in your dealership. Sending out mailers and emails with reminders of vehicles built online or on-going specials are smart ways to stay on your potential customers’ radars. The cost is much cheaper compared to other marketing avenues. For the cost of a stamp, you could sell a $30,000 car, which would more than pay for the amount you spent on sending say 1,000 mailers at a dollar per mailer. It depends on how much you want to invest, but if you’re making sure to connect with those more inclined to buy, then you won’t be dealing with those just somewhat interested or not planning to buy a car anytime soon.

Track Your ROI

It can be difficult to track your ROI unless you ask customers how they heard about you, and even then that’s not always an accurate representation because people can forget. Using mailers and specifically crafted incentives like “Bring this flyer/mailer in and redeem for x cash/prize after test driving one of our vehicles.” You can easily collect and keep track of those coming into your dealer with the flyers in hand. Sure, some will only come in to redeem their prize, but there will be those that have been interested in a car for a while, and this extra incentive maybe that final nudge that helps them drive home in a new car.

Promotions and Incentive Announcements

Mailers and flyers are great ways to share announcements and other news from your dealership. If you’re offering extra cashback or other cash incentives for end-of-year, last year’s inventory or etc, it’s important to spread that message to as many potential customers as possible. This is your chance to flex your creative muscles or hire a graphic designer to create a stunning, non-cheesy mailer or email newsletter to announce your latest special offers. Bright and bold colors are eye-catching, but try to stay away from the old-fashioned styled mailers and find ways to modernize your advertisements.

Old Practice, New Times

Bringing in older practices and modernizing them is a smart way to approach your marketing efforts. Direct-marketing isn’t dead and you can use it to your dealer’s advantage. Find ways to incorporate direct-marketing into your current marketing and advertising strategies and see what it can do for you.

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