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The automotive market has spoken and we seem to be attracted to the compact SUV models offered at different levels of the market more than any other type of vehicle. With that in mind, nearly every brand has at least one model in this arena to give us what we want for the drive. BMW is no stranger to the compact crossover luxury SUV and has perfected the X3 to be the right one for you. This SUV has the driving dynamics you expect from BMW and the qualities you want in a luxury vehicle that’s built for the drive.

Are you looking for an SUV that has the ability to offer you the qualities you need every day while also bringing in some amazing driving dynamics? If so, the BMW X3 can be the right choice for you. This SUV is offered in two varieties with the xDrive30i being the day-to-day model that will feel right in traffic and offer you the driving experience you’re looking for while the X3 M40i is more powerful and rides on a sport suspension to give you the feeling that you can tackle any mountain roads or canyon run you want.

Continued Success

The BMW X3 for the 2018 model year is all-new and it builds on the success of the previous two generations of this SUV with a roomy and luxurious interior, the two powerful engines you can choose from, and the sporty dynamics that are always expected when you choose a BMW model. The bigger brakes and electronically controlled shocks of the M40i model make it an easy model to love and drive with the excitement you want. This model can reach sixty mph in only 4.6 seconds to allow you the experience you want on the roads you drive.

In addition to offering you the exciting driving dynamics you’ve been looking for, the X3 brings an impressive level of space management in the cabin. This SUV gives you plenty of interior room for passengers and cargo to ride along with a split-folding rear seat that folds in three different ways to make it easy to have some odd-shaped items with you. There are storage locations throughout the cabin to make it easier for you to have the ability to secure smaller items while you’re driving on the road in your area or out for a long road trip with the family.

The BMW X3 is an SUV that has been loved and driven for several years and the new model for 2018 builds on this success. If you’ve been looking for the luxury compact crossover SUV that’s built to give you the drive you want and the fun that makes sense for you on the road, this is the one that has everything you’re looking for. Stop by your nearby BMW dealer and let them help you choose the model that’s right for you to drive. This SUV practical and fun to be the one you want to enjoy.

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