The Benefits of Gen Z Marketing

The Benefits of Gen Z Marketing

To create the right Gen Z marketing strategies, you first have to understand what this generation is and how they think.

Generation Z is entering their mid-20s and they have a huge voice in the world. Currently, they are the largest generation ever to be part of this planet and are typically connected, socially inclusive, and want to create a better world. They are truly a generation willing to put their money with their values are and that is where your message should begin.

How Can You Reach this New Generation of Adults?

The values and beliefs that are prevalent in this new generation of adults are going to grow and be cultivated into the world they want to shape. Eventually, this young group will have children of their own, be in leadership positions, inherit the wealth of the world, and (as many already are) have a voice in the leaders of the world.

How can you reach and benefit from Gen Z marketing? Let’s explore:

Become an Ally for Change

The ideals of the newest group of adults include businesses that are fulfilling their role to “serve communities and society.” When companies do this, members of Generation Z are more likely to trust those companies and spend money with them. If you want to be the choice of this generation, showcase your philanthropic efforts on your website and social media platforms.

Engage in the Conversation

Be ready to answer questions, respond to comments, and keep the channels of dialogue open with members of this generation. One of the most important aspects of Gen Z marketing is open and honest communication. Assign someone to quickly answer questions and comments, employ AI and chatbots to aid in some of the most commonly asked questions, and give this generation what they are looking for.

Reality is More Important than Perfection

With this generation, you can make mistakes and have some imperfections, as long as you admit the flaws and showcase the truth of your products and services. Gen Z is not filled with idealists and the view of the “American Dream” but rather with the uniqueness of individuals, boutique businesses, and the imperfections that come along with a world that isn’t perfect but is striving to be better.

Put Experiences into Your Marketing

Even though the products you offer are what you want to sell, it’s important when creating Gen Z marketing to showcase experiences and not just the products. This is where your video marketing team can truly benefit your company. Showcase how the products can be used, talk about donation efforts being made with each purchase, and let your audience experience how the items you sell could improve their lives.

Forget the Pop-Up Ads

Getting your hooks into Generation Z might be more difficult than any previous generation in recent history. This generation is more tech-savvy than any before and doesn’t suffer through pop-up ads or commercials the way previous generations did. You’ll have to connect with them through influencers, targeted ads, and shared audiences. If you do attract some of the members of this generation, you’re likely going to have a loyal following.

Look to Micro-Influencers to Drive Traffic

If you’re looking for a great way to improve your Gen Z marketing, you’ll want to find micro-influencers. These are influencers that have a smaller audience, between 1,000 and 100,000 followers on social media. Members of Gen Z can relate more easily to these influencers than the major celebrity names that we all recognize. This could work great for you too because micro-influencers might not cost as much to hire as the big names.

Show Your Dedication to Privacy

A generation filled with cynical young people that want to improve and change the world is also obsessed with privacy. They have watched their parents and grandparents be taken advantage of by hackers and they don’t want to be the next victim. Show how you and your site can protect the privacy of their information online. This generation is also more inclined to make online purchases, which is another reason why privacy is so important.

Engage in Conscious Capitalism

Activism is a huge part of successful Gen Z marketing. This generation is looking for brands that are willing to stand for the rights of people and the planet and will support those brands, even if the products are a little more expensive than items from other brands. Show how your team is employing conscious capitalism with specific pages on your website and social media posts.

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