The Five Biggest Challenges in Digital Marketing

The Five Biggest Challenges in Digital Marketing

The speed at which digital marketing is evolving means the challenges you face are often new and different.

Your digital footprint must reach your audience where they spend their time, and for some, the newness of online marketing is one of the greatest difficulties they face. Let’s look at some of the challenges you face that need to be solved with your digital marketing efforts.

Social Media Management

You could think of yourself or your team as social media experts, but then something new comes along and you feel like you’re new to the industry once again. Social media is continually evolving and is one of the challenges you’ll face for many years.

Some of the questions you have probably already asked include:

• What kind of content should we produce?
• How can we produce exceptional content?
• How often should we post on social media?
• How can we sell on social?
• Who will do the posting?
• How can we be held accountable for the work?

To keep your social media audience engaged with your content you need to post regularly and offer posts that will entertain and educate your followers. Know each audience on the various platforms and present them with posts that make them feel included in your business and the conversation.

Brand Consistency

The devil is in the details, especially when it comes to branding. Something as simple as the shade of color for the background of your logo is recognizable to your audience. You develop a strong brand by paying attention to these details. This is one of the biggest digital marketing challenges and it’s something you need to be ready to spend time and effort to develop.

Once you have an online look at your brand you want to keep that style and appearance consistent. Ensure the brand appearance you show on your social media is the same as your website and vice versa. Check your email marketing and keep your logo consistent on your emails as well. Everything about your brand appearance needs to be consistent to let your audience recognize they are seeing information from your team.

Measuring the Marketing ROI

This challenge is one that has grown and become a bit easier than in the past. Traditional marketing was only trackable through customer feedback. Even though this is one of the biggest digital marketing challenges, there are more tools at your disposal to track and measure every campaign and strategy. The challenge is in using the right tools and knowing how to read the reports those tools provide to determine successes and opportunities.

Redefine your marketing process and set realistic expectations for the ROI you’ll find from this area of your business. Your marketing budget doesn’t have to feel like you’re tossing money over the side of a ship with no hope of seeing any returns. The digital world allows for specific metrics to be created and for you to measure how impactful your marketing can be on your business.

Messages that Turn an Audience Tone-Deaf

Sometimes we become blind and deaf to the message we’re presenting to an audience. This happens when we get bogged down and don’t give the advertising an objective look with the customer in mind. You might think you’ve created some amazing ads with the right message and they don’t get the clicks or the leads that you were hoping for. What has happened is you have turned your audience off to that message and need to try something different.

While this is one of the biggest digital marketing challenges for all businesses, there is one relatively simple solution. Before you present advertising to the public, let a few objective observers review it first. This could be as easy as showing it to another individual or bringing in a focus group to give you the feedback you’re looking for. Figure out how to keep your messages focused on the audience and their needs without a lot of ad-speak included.

Driving Relevant Traffic to the Website

Did you target the right audience? Will enough of them move forward from reading your content or clicking on your link to buy products or services from your company? How can you ensure the traffic coming to your website is going to move forward with a purchase? This is a big challenge and something that you can solve with the right channels and an audit of your online activity.

As one of the greatest digital marketing challenges, you need to first define what a successful percentage of leads converted to sales would be. Use your online audit to figure out which channels are not performing and what messages you’re using on those channels. Also, review which ones are doing well and why they are. Putting this all together will help you figure out what you need to offer your audience on different channels to bring the right traffic to your website.

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