Are You Following the Trends?

Are You Following the Trends?

Whether you wear the trendiest clothes or drive the latest car has nothing to do with the trends we’re talking about today.

What we’re looking at are the many trends that are taking place in the digital marketing world. After the COVID-19 pandemic shut down the physical world and many had to learn to do everything online, several trends have come out of it to give us the new processes and practices we should implement in our businesses.

Are you Making Use of Geo-Fencing?

What is Geo-Fencing? This is the process of targeting customers based on their real-time location. This can be a target area that’s as small as a mile from a business that will target the customer once they enter that area. If you’re running a business, such as a restaurant, and users are looking for a place to eat, this type of marketing can let them know you’re in the area and ready to feed them.

Develop Your Website Through Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

If your website functions more like a mobile app, there’s a good chance users are going to enjoy the functionality when they visit your site. PWAs give users fast load times, push notifications, offline functions, and use the device hardware of a mobile device. This means you wouldn’t have to create responsive websites when you make use of PWAs.

Your Users Can Help Your Business Through User-Generated Content

Are you running a car dealership and want to showcase your customers when they buy a new vehicle from you? Have you received reviews for your restaurant? Are users showing your products on their social media feeds? When you link to these items, you’re allowing users to generate the content needed to give your business a boost. Most people trust their family, friends, and neighbors over businesses when it comes to purchasing decisions.

Will Your Business Benefit from Blockchain Technology?

Whether you want to receive payments in the most secure fashion or you’re looking for a way to create trustworthy forms of digital marketing, the use of blockchain technology can be the answer. This process can build trust by means of transparency and public accountability for your brand. Imagine how secure your users will feel if they know you’re employing this technology.

You Might Not be Ready, but Quantum Computing is Coming

One of the trends we’re going to see in the future will be quantum computing. This type of computing is built on the quantum physics theory. Without getting too deep, this type of computing could improve mobile data coverage, give us AI that feels more human-like, and increase the relevance of ads that are presented to users.

Deep Learning through Big Data is one the Rise

Among the latest digital marketing trends being offered, deeper learning through the use of big data is becoming more important than ever. This means that an organization has created a large collection of data to present the right solutions and products to customers. This dynamic approach can make it easier to have repeat customers that come back for more products and services whenever a need arises.

Automation Continues to be One of the Biggest Trends

More than thirty percent of companies will incorporate some form of AI in the next year which will lead to more automation in nearly every industry. This can help to improve customer retention and loyalty, predict customer behaviors, leverage the searches of customers to the right ads, and offer a personalized experience for a user when they are online. Automation will make your company more efficient so you don’t waste time or money where you shouldn’t.

Will You Begin to Use Smart Bidding for Google Ads?

It’s becoming more difficult to receive organic search results through social media because of the growth and use of various platforms. The alternative is one of the trends that you should employ. Consider using the Smart Bidding feature on Google Ads to see your website at the top of the search pages for the keywords that you pay for.

Position Zero is Where You Want to Be

When the first several lines of text and your selected image show up at the top of a search page, that’s considered position zero. This is a coveted position and only the highest-ranking page with the greatest relevance to the search will appear in this position. Work to create the content that will make it to this position on the search pages and enjoy the benefit of one of the most coveted trends.

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