10 Things Car Dealerships Need to Update on Their GMB Listing Today

10 Things Car Dealerships Need to Update on Their GMB Listing Today

The Google My Business (GMB) listing is a critical tool for your dealership website.  The GMB listing attracts potential shoppers.

This is a free service that contains essential information about your business at a glance. Shoppers can find car dealership hours, directions, customer reviews, services, and more through the GMB listing. You want this listing to be optimized to make it easier for those who search for what you offer to find your business.

Ten Ways to Optimize Your GMB Listing

10. Chose Relevant Categories that Match Your Dealership

Categories describe what your dealership is instead of what you do or what you sell. The GMB Listings for your dealership should include all brands of vehicles that are sold at your location. The top brand should be in the Primary Category to make sure the most popular brand is easy for your customers to find. Other categories for your location can include other brands, vehicle types, or services that you offer.

These can include adding “used car dealer”, “auto repair shop”, or “car detailing service” to the list of other categories in your GMB Listing.

9. Update the Holiday and Department Hours

Does your car dealership have different departments that keep separate hours? Is the service center open when the sales areas aren’t or vice versa? You want to update these hours and make sure each department has the proper listing.

If your location is going to be closed or offer alternative hours on specific dates because of a holiday, make sure you add these items to your GMB Listing as well.

8. Solicit and Respond to All Reviews

One of the most valuable tools for your car dealership’s online presence comes in the form of reviews offered by customers. Ask for a review when service has been performed, when a vehicle is purchased, or when a customer has come in to see your dealership team. These reviews can give other potential customers an idea of what to expect.

Make sure you respond to all reviews, both good and bad. This shows that you value the business of your customers and respond to their questions and comments.

7. Add a Cover Photo and Post Relevant, High-Quality Photos on Your Site

Another way to improve the GMB Listing for your website is to add a cover photo and other photos to the mix. These photos can be added to different categories to make sure you have a photo to go with each one. Your customers will find your visual offerings more appealing than trying to read several paragraphs without an accompanying photo.

Photos can vary and include services, the interior of the dealership, or the exterior of the location to give your customers an idea of what your business looks like.

6. Add Posts Regularly

What’s going on at your car dealership this week? This could be one of the most important questions for you to answer when it comes to your GMB Listing. You want to keep posts current, relevant, and engaging to attract your customers and allow them a place to find the information they want regarding your dealership.

Make it fun, keep it current, and connect with your potential customers through the posts that you can add to your website.

5. Offer a Brief Description of Your Car Dealership

What makes your dealership unique? When you add an authentic and detailed description of the story and uniqueness of your car dealership, you improve the GMB Listing for your location. Whether you offer specialized services, have extended hours, or offer the best financing programs, you need to show what makes your location special.

Adding sales or promotional items to your description won’t aid in your GMB Listing at all, keep it to items that don’t often change.

4. Make Sure All Dealership Locations are Verified

If you have multiple car dealership locations, you need to have all of them verified to ensure each one is eligible to qualify for store visit conversions. This is an important part of the Google Ads ROI metrics and part of the GMB Listing you need.

There are other prerequisites to qualify for store visit conversions including having a Google Ads account, a Google Ads account that is linked to a Google Analytics account, locations extensions enabled in Google Ads, and 90 percent of your locations verified.

3. Set up a Location Pin and Enter Service Areas by Zip Code

Often a potential customer will look for services in their area. Ensuring your location pin and zip code is set will help make it easier for them to find you when they search on Google. These things will also improve your GMB Listing to make sure your location is one that’s found before others that don’t have these aspects set up.

Make your location easier to find with accurate pin placement and zip code for your dealer and for all services offered.

2. Add Products and Services

What do you offer? How are you of service to the public? As a car dealership, this should be an easy way to improve your GMB Listing. Add the products and services to your listing to ensure optimization of your dealership can be found with ease. Learn how to add products and services to your GMB Listing and keep this information current to continually attract more customers to your dealership.

1. Add the “Menu” Link and UTM Tags to CTA Buttons

Using the Menu button, call-to-action-buttons, and UTM tags will help you have a website with the features that make it easy to use and track the GMB traffic that is part of your GMB Listing. This makes it easier for you to track your branded clicks in your Google Analytics campaign reporting.

With UTMsin place, you can manage your paid spend better and save money to invest in the programs that make the most difference to your company through the website.

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