Improve Your Omnichannel Marketing With Blueshift

Improve Your Omnichannel Marketing With Blueshift

Brand recognition and consistency are important to engage with customers across several channels. Blueshift can help make it much easier.

This tool is ideal to bring a consistent campaign to your marketing strategy, automate your marketing, improve your engagement levels, and drive the growth of your company. If you’re not using Blueshift, you are missing out on the benefits this tool brings to the online marketing world.

The Customer Experience Just Got Better

Have you reviewed your marketing campaign and found that you’re not consistent across all social media and marketing channels? Do your emails offer the same look and feel like your social media posts? Is your website built to have the same look like the rest of your marketing channels? Can customers move from a social media post to your website without any challenges? Your omnichannel marketing can only get better with the right tool.

Blueshift brings you an easy way to engage your customers and build brand recognition with:

• Complex campaigns across multiple channels with varying conditions
• Seamless brand experiences with the right editors and templates for your campaign
• Automated optimization and testing to ensure your content is sensational

The customer experience becomes unified with this amazing taken by:

• Allowing you to build workflows for your team to incorporate channels, emails, and customer feedback into the process
• Removing the guesswork and grunt work from the process to allow flexible use of AI to better engage your customers
• Ensure timely, personalized interactions based on customer selections

Mobile Marketing Make Right for You

You know the future of online marketing is through mobile devices where more searches are being performed than ever before. If your business isn’t making mobile search and mobile presentation a priority, you’re falling behind. Thankfully, Blueshift can help and will make mobile much easier for you to implement into your business.

The essential information you need to be much better at mobile marketing has been broken down into a seven-part course for you to learn from the Blueshift team. During this course you’ll learn:

• How to set up your mobile channels within this tool
• Personalize your mobile messages and optimize them across all channels
• Incorporate your mobile messages into your omnichannel campaigns
• Increase mobile campaign effectiveness with the right best practices

The seven different lessons will take you through everything you need to know about mobile marketing and how to build your website for your customers that will search for you on their mobile devices.

Build a Smarter, Automated Omnichannel Journey for Your Customers

The Blueshift team will show you how to use the “Hub” to create a campaign that works on all channels by using one centralized dynamic process that reaches out with posts, links, and content that appears consistent for your business. The goal is to create targeted content that will reach your customers more easily.

Retention Equals Higher Customer Value

It’s not a secret that when you have loyal customers they bring a much higher value to your business. Blueshift is made to help you retain customers and reach them multiple times to increase the value offered. With this tool, you’ll reach your audience the way you need to so they see you everywhere they look.

Let Customer Change Devices

Is your website easy to see on a laptop computer? Is it also easy to see and use on mobile devices? If not, Blueshift is made to help ensure your customers can switch devices and still find what they need on your site. Information is consistent, carts are saves, and sales are increased simply by offering this level of consistency.

Consistent Customer Service Support

Don’t you hate it when you call customer service and you’re not able to connect to a real-time assistant to help you with your questions? Most people would much rather have a real-time assistant or live representative to work with that can handle questions on every channel rather than being put through a series of menus. Blueshift ensures your business has the customer service support you need to answer questions and handle issues promptly and professionally.

You Need to Add Blueshift to Your Omnichannel Marketing Strategy

It’s not a question any longer, is a necessity. If a tool can engage your customers, offer you the support you need, give you the instruction required to operate on new and higher channels, and give you the strategies that will help retain customers, it needs to be part of your digital marketing strategy. Put Blueshift to work and see the benefits this package of tools has to offer.

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