Collaborate With Ease on Facebook Workplace

Collaborate With Ease on Facebook Workplace

Did you know you could collaborate with Facebook Workplace? If not, it’s time to use this feature of Facebook to strengthen work relationships.

You may have work colleagues around the world and need to work with them on a project. This is a new way to collaborate and do just that. Get connected in real-time and share information with your team to turn your ideas into reality.

Get Started and Make the Most of this Tool

Set the Expectations for Your Team

Before you begin to collaborate on this tool, which has been around since 2016, you need to set the rules and understand what the expectations are for each team member. Whether that means responding to others in a timely manner, meeting deadlines, or keeping things professional, the established expectations will be important and may need to be visited at various points in time.

Get Your C-Suite On Board

You may have leaders in your company that hasn’t identified themselves as part of the C-suite, but the owner, president, or team lead needs to be part of the group using Facebook Workplace to help get things done. This person may not be the one assigning work or sending out messages, but they are going to set the tone for the entire company. Make sure they are involved in the use of this tool.

Integrate Tools that will Help

Similar to other collaboration platforms, this one allows you to bring in several tools that can help you work together with your team. If you’ve been using another platform you will be glad to know many of the same tools are easily used on this one. You can host events, build better relationships with your team, and potentially save money for the company by using this tool.

Use Bots to Help Your Team, Especially a Large Team

If you’re integrating Facebook Workplace into a large team and know they have FAQs that could easily be answered with bots rather than human interaction, you can do this. It’s possible to build bots to let your employees gain answers to typical HR-related questions or personnel information that doesn’t require a human to answer the question. These bots can save you a lot of money.

Keep Your Team Updated with Important Posts

Workplace can give you an easy way to share important posts from the week, give a review of the previous week, and offer links back to posts from week to week to show the path of a project or idea. This can help your team stay updated regarding the work that’s being done and what needs to continue to be completed in the future.

This Platform Encourages Innovation

Facebook Workplace is a great place to develop and share ideas, which is the basis for encouraging innovation. Your team can think together, bounce ideas off each other, and find great ways to promote your company to an untapped market. This is how many companies have come up with specialized contests, new marketing ideas, and build the shared projects that have given us new trends and processes that we admire in some of the latest advertising.

Keep Your Company Page Updated

It may be part of the process of setting the groundwork and expectations, but you should keep your company page updated. This can be done daily or weekly, but you need to have the page reflect the progress of some of the projects. If you want your team to engage with this content daily, you need to give them something to grab their attention and try to keep it brief. You can go longer if you update this page weekly.

Automatically Share Relevant Industry News

One of the most important aspects of using Facebook Workplace is to get the news out to your entire team. As new processes and information arise in your industry or at your company, you need to share this information with your team. Using this tool, you can work together to dissect the information, understand how to implement it, and use it to your advantage.

Praise Your Employees in a Public Forum

This feature of Facebook is a great place for you to dole out the praise that your employees want and deserve. They work hard all week and deserve to be given a virtual high-five. Of course, this is also a great place for peers to recognize each other for the contribution to the projects or the assistance offered that made a difference in the results of a project.

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