Should Your Dealership Focus on SEO or Social Media?

Should Your Dealership Focus on SEO or Social Media?

Your car dealership must market online to be visible to potential customers. Should you put your efforts into SEO or social media marketing?

This is an important question that you must ask before spending time, money, and effort in either area of online marketing. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits and advantages of both to see which one is more important.

SEO Marketing Benefits

Quality Traffic Targeting

Using terms and phrases that are key to what potential customers search for helps to bring the right traffic to your website. Using proper SEO techniques can ensure the customers you want to engage with are reviewing your content.

SEO Content Can Continually Drive Traffic

Once you create a page using keywords that meet the Google algorithm, it can continually rank for your website. You can see traffic come to you from this page when users search with the key terms that you’re using in the content you’ve created.

You Can Receive More Attention than PPC

PPC is Pay-Per-Click advertising and you have to have a set of eyes interested in the content to click on the ads that you’ve created. Once a user searches the terms you’ve included in your SEO content the interest has already begun, which means more traffic comes from SEO than PPC.

Use SEO to Address PR Needs

Relating to the public can be much easier using SEO terms that can bring your pages to the top of search results. This may include local dealership info, upcoming community events, or news from around town. You want to be visible to your local area.

Use SEO to Move Ahead of Competitors

Your pages can rank higher on search engines than your competition if you use excellent strategies and processes in the content you’ve created. Focus on the organic ranking of your pages and the only way competitors can be ahead of you is by paying for the position on the page.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Shared Experiences with Customers

When a customer has a great experience at your dealership, they can easily share it using social media. Your dealership can be tagged in the post and benefit from the attention gained. Friends, neighbors, and family memberswill see the post.

Social is the Key to Multichannel Campaigns

With social media, your advertising campaign can be shared across several platforms and offer you the message you need. It’s easy to post your events and specials on a variety of platforms in a matter of minutes.

Bring Brand Awareness to Your Audience

Do you have a specific look to your website? If so, bring that brand presence to your social media accounts and build the brand awareness that will make your dealership the first name customers think of when they want a new or used vehicle.

Web Traffic is Increased with Social Media

Including links to blog pages, sales pages, or inventory pages on your website in your social media posts can help increase the website traffic you receive. This is a great way to increase the number of leads your dealership has from social platforms.

Learn What Your Customers Desire

If you want an insight into what your customers are looking for, social media is the way to get it. Pay attention to the engagement you receive and answer questions posed by your audience. This will help you build the right content and connect with potential customers.

Use SEO and Social Media to Reach More Customers

More people than ever before are using social media to begin their search for any product or service they desire, including the next car they will drive. Your social media engagement can lead to a customer finding your website online but so can your SEO content.

Whether a shopperbegins their search on a social platform or through a Google search, you want them to find your website and know they can take advantage of the deals and vehicles that you’re ready to show them at your dealership.

How to Get the Most from Both?

To gain the most from both your social media and SEO marketing, you need to integrate them and allow them to work together. Create social posts that link to your most recent SEO pages to bring the page more authority and help it rank higher on Google.

Allow your SEO content to support your social media posts with more in-depth information than what you can include in a simple post on a social platform. Using these two types of marketing together can bring your dealership the visibility that will pay off for many years.

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