Engage With Amazing Automotive Social Media Posts

Engage With Amazing Automotive Social Media Posts

Are your automotive social media posts becoming stale? When all of your posts begin to look the same, it’s time to grab onto some new ideas.

Let’s take a look at some great ways to engage with your audience and bring your car dealership to those looking for what you offer on social media. Even though there is value to posts that are consistent, such as vehicle description videos, you want to offer something fresh and different on social media.

Post Ideas You Can Use Right Away

When lacking for engaging automotive social media posts, look at these ideas and see if you can come up with something thatwill give you the right way to reach your audience.

Going Live is a Great Way to Reach Your Audience

If you have an upcoming event or sale, you can Go Live on social media and reach your audience. This gives you a great way to allow users to askquestions and have them answered in real-time. You’ll share your personality, allow your audience to get to know you, and share the information you have with this type of social media post.

Build Some Posts Around a New Car Model

When a car model arrives that you know has been a hot topic in the automotive industry, creating social media posts around this new car is a great idea. Showcase the time it arrives at your dealership, offer a virtual test drive of the vehicle, and highlight the first customer to purchase this new model. This is a great way to drive excitement about a vehicle that has just joined your inventory.

Share Community News and Events in You Automotive Social Media Pages

As a car dealership, you are part of your community. Many of your posts should include local tagging, but you should also ensure you share local community events on your posts. This is a great way to support your community through online marketing and can help encourage other businesses in your area to support your company. Your dealership might be a busy location with many events going on every year.

DIY Tutorials are Some of the Most-Watched Automotive Videos

Your service department is a huge part of your car dealership and the experts thatwork in that area could share their knowledge through some DIY tutorial videos. This is a great way to show customers how to do some of the work themselves without performing all of the servicesthat your department can help them with. This allows your customers to get to know the faces in our service department and learn how to perform maintenance that can be completed easily at home.

Offer Some Car Trivia Through Your Automotive Social Media Posts

Trivia always plays well, and car trivia is one of the most popular in the world. Let fans guess the answers to trivia questions in the comments section of a post and then reveal the answer at a designated time. You can offer a small prize to one of the correct answers by selecting a random winner from that group. This is a lot of fun for your audience and will keep them engaged if you offer trivia regularly.

Celebrate Your Customers in Your Posts

One of the most asked questions,when a friend or neighbor buys a new vehicle,is “where did you buy it?” You can answer that question with your automotive social media posts that share customer photos with their new model. These customers are the friends and neighbors of other potential shoppers who could make their way to your dealership to pick out their next ride.

Have You Showcased Your Team?

The staff of your car dealership is the backbone of your business and the faces that your customers will see when they come in and shop with you. Showcase your team with employee profiles, great pictures, and the role at your dealership. This is how you can put a face to a name and help your customers feel more welcome when they’re ready to buy from you.

Post Car Buying Tips for Your Customers

Take away some of the apprehension young people feel when shopping for a car or offer tips to older customers who might have a valuable trade-in to bring to your dealership. Adding car buying tips to your automotive social media posts can make a huge difference for your audience. These posts might become some of the most-watched videos and posts that you have on your social media feeds.

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