Social Media Platforms to Take Advantage of For Your Dealership

Social Media Platforms to Take Advantage of For Your Dealership

Your car dealership has to use social media to advertise and market your products. Let’s look at the right platforms to use.

There’s a lot more to simply posting the cars and their features when it comes to social posts. One of the most important activities you’re going to perform is selecting the right platforms to use. You want to be where your customers are and use social media that offers benefits for your car dealership.

Facebook is the Most Popular for Your Car Dealership

How many people do you know that don’t make use of Facebook? That answer will probably be counted on only one hand. This is true for most people in your local community and Facebook makes it easy for you to market your vehicles. Using Facebook Marketplace and Ads, you’re going to reach a large group that could be ready to buy from your dealership.

Using Facebook as the right one of the social media platforms gives you the greatest reach and is one of the easiest platforms to use. Your customers are on Facebook and you should be as well. You’ll be able to link to your website, to the vehicles you’re selling, and offer a variety of posts that will reach your customers.

Instagram is one of the Most Engaging Social Media Platforms

If you want to use a social platform that reaches your audience and does exactly what you expect it to do, Instagram is the answer. This is one of the most popular platforms with younger users and it’s gaining traction in older demographics as well. This platform is easy to use because you’re offering a visual story with only a few words, which makes it easy for people to spend a short time and fully engage with you.

Instagram Stories has become one of the most popular tools on this social platform which makes it easy to showcase videos and offer additional parts of the story to your followers every day. Your car dealership can become one of the most popular local businesses on Instagram and you’ll love the way you can engage with your nearby community.

How Much Fun can Snapchat be for Your Dealership?

Snapchat offers filters, videos, stories, and games that can make it fun on a personal level. This is also one of the fastest-growing social media platforms and it can be used to showcase your new vehicles. There are several amazing features that allow you to create videos that will bring your potential customers in.

Because your content on Snapchat only stays active for a short time, you have to post often on this platform. This is a great place to showcase the events you host, fundraising activities, and test drives for the vehicles that you’re selling. You can show off your team and have a lot of fun with Snapchat.

Will You Make Use of LinkedIn for Your Car Dealership?

The most professional social media platform is LinkedIn, and it can be the perfect place for your car dealership to advertise. This platform is perfect for luxury dealerships and for the professional look you want to offer. Keep this in mind when posting to LinkedIn and create posts that offer the use of vehicles for the professional to go where they need to.

Because LinkedIn is used as a way for working teams to connect and professionals in the same industry to share ideas, you could collaborate with other local businesses through this platform. Your car dealership can become one of the most popular with your community on LinkedIn which will be where you want to share your products and services.

The Growing Popularity of TikTok Can be Right for Your Dealership

Can you engage your audience with short videos? Companies have been doing this for many years with television commercials. If you treat the TikTok videos the same way, you’ll have a short time to get your message across. Use this social media platform to reach your younger audience and let them get excited about the cars you have on your lot.

Show off the service team, your sales force, the newest arrivals, and the specials you’re offering in the short videos you create for TikTok. This is another great social media platform to use when you’re hosting events or working with the community. Find ways to get followers to enjoy what you’re offering and link to your posts that will direct them to your website after they view your videos on TikTok.

These five social media platforms can be perfect for your car dealership to be engaged with the local community and gain more customers.

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