Kickstart 2024: Powerful Social Media Tactics for Your Business

Kickstart 2024: Powerful Social Media Tactics for Your Business

Twenty years ago, social media wasn’t used globally, but today it’s at the heart of every business. Here are some great social media ideas to start 2024 right.

It’s almost time to welcome a new year, and that means it’s time to analyze your current business direction and results. Have you utilized social media to its full potential? Are there new ideas you can put to use to improve your online presence? How can you reach more users through the most popular social media platforms?

Here are some great social media ideas to start 2024 on the right foot.

Offer a retrospective for your audience

How did the past year go? What made it great? Where could your business have improved its approach to customers? Provide a post with a video link that gives your audience a glimpse into your world and how your year went during 2023. Those who were part of your success will be pleased to be part of the story. This gives you a look back and provides your audience with expected changes in the new year. Set the tone for your new year with a retrospective post.

Showcase the New Year’s sales items

It should be a no-brainer, but one of the best social media ideas to get things going in 2024 is to showcase the sales events you’ve got going to start the new year. At car dealerships all around the country, New Year’s Sales Events are going on and are a big deal. Don’t leave your social media audience out of the fun. In fact, offering special deals for this group could result in better sales and more engagement from your audience.

Use social to bring people to your doors

Although many companies can sell items digitally, some require customers to physically visit their locations to purchase items. This is certainly the case for most car dealerships, which means you want to showcase the in-store promotions on your social media feeds. Post some of these promotions ahead of time to get shoppers excited about the new deals and impressive sales they can enjoy when they visit your location once the calendar changes to 2024.

What’s new with you?

Do you have new products to offer your followers? Is there a new service that many aren’t aware of? Does your company offer services that many customers aren’t utilizing? Make highlighting these new products and services one of the great social media ideas of 2024. Even if it’s an older service, you could highlight it in a new light and show how it can benefit your customers. This gives them a chance to understand what you have to offer. In addition to highlighting these new items, offer your social media audience something when they mention that they saw your post.

Offer information that answers questions

What do you search social media for? Many look to social media to connect with friends and family members, and some look for funny memes and posts, but almost all users search for information on social media. If you offer answers to commonly asked questions, you’ll provide your followers with the desired information. This helps them build trust in your company and brand. Use this arena as a way to demonstrate products, features or offer services.

Create something fun and festive to start the New Year

Starting a New Year is supposed to be fun. Allow your team to highlight some of their favorite customs, celebrate the new beginning with something special, or invite your followers in for coffee and donuts to start the New Year off together. Make it a fun and festive celebration, and use several ideas across your social platforms. This could be one of the best social media ideas to get things started the right way in 2024.

Share your favorite inspirational quotes

Another great post that can easily involve your entire team is to share your favorite inspirational posts. This is an easy way to start your year with the right mindset and offer your audience a positive feeling as well. It’s important to start the year off right, and when you provide this to your followers, they might want to share it with friends and family, which could result in a larger social media audience for your business. Collect some of the most inspiring quotes from your team and let them share these quotes in a short video.

These are just a few of the great social media ideas that can help you get your 2024 started the right way. Which ideas will you put to use for your company?

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