Everything You’ll Need to Know About YouTube Ads

Everything You'll Need to Know About YouTube Ads

YouTube ads may be annoying from the perspective of the viewer, but for businesses, they can be an incredible asset in advertising.

We all know the feeling. You’re enjoying a YouTube video, about to get to the most exciting part, when suddenly-an ad. An insurance company, skincare brand, or deodorant is suddenly interrupting your video, and all you can do is wait until you can skip the ad and get back to your entertainment.

Thirty million people visit YouTube every day, racking up a billion views on videos. And nearly three-quarters of adults in the United States use YouTube, not to mention the millions worldwide who visit the social media platform.

These numbers should be music to every business’s ears because that’s a huge amount of people that your business can reach. If you’re interested in advertising on YouTube, take a look below at how to go about it, and what the benefits of having a YouTube ad could be.

You Can Reach a Huge Audience

YouTube is an incredibly popular website-in fact, it is the second most visited website in the United States. This means that by putting an ad on YouTube, billions of people will hear and learn about your company. You can reach people in all corners of the country and the globe, people who otherwise never would have heard about your company through traditional forms of advertisement.

It doesn’t matter if you cater to teenagers and children, or to adults. Huge percentages of both age groups watch YouTube, and consequently, see YouTube ads. YouTube has provided the statistic that over 70% of people say watching YouTube makes them more aware of new brands, so if you’re looking to make yourself more well-known, putting an ad on YouTube could be the perfect move.

Video Marketing Increases Conversions

Diversification in advertising methods is always a good idea. You may have ads on other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram or have invested in SEO software, but video marketing is becoming increasingly popular in the digital marketing world, so putting a video ad on YouTube is definitely a step to consider.

But it’s not only popularity and diversification that are benefits to creating a YouTube ad-it really does help increase sales and conversions. YouTube has the highest amount of people who, after visiting your website, continue to stay on the page to make a purchase or otherwise engage with your content.

This is an excellent benefit to using YouTube because it means that your conversion rate will also be higher. YouTube is one of the best platforms for engagement and interaction after the initial viewing of the ad, so not only will your sales increase immediately after viewing of the ad, but sales will continue long after, as well.

Tips For Creating YouTube Ads

Once you’ve decided you want to advertise on YouTube, there are a few helpful tips for creating your videos. You want to grab the viewers’ attention immediately before they continue scrolling down their feed or click on a different video.

Choose an interesting title for the video, and create an interesting thumbnail; usually, viewers will see the thumbnail before they see the title. Within the advertisement, use a combination of text, images, and audio.

Viewers usually respond faster and better to pictures and audio messages than text on the screen. Highlight your company’s best products or attributes so you give the viewers a reason to visit your website, and include a link to make that visit easy. Giving care and attention to your YouTube ads can make all the difference for your company.

Consider a YouTube Sponsorship

The YouTube ads that have been discussed so far are placed before and after the video or are embedded within it. They have been filmed and produced by the company themselves, and are more like the advertisements you see on television. However, there is another way to advertise your company on YouTube: a sponsorship.

This involves contacting a specific YouTuber and asking them to talk about and support your product or business, in the hopes that their viewers will make a purchase. This strategy can involve celebrity and influencer marketing to help show your viewers that your business is used by people they admire and look up to. Sponsors often receive a promotional code or a special sales opportunity from the company, which acts as an incentive for new customers.

A YouTube sponsorship could help you target your audience more specifically, depending on the type of YouTuber you choose to reach out to and can be a great way to increase sales. Video advertisement is becoming an increasingly popular method of digital marketing, and YouTube, the content of which is made up completely of videos, is an excellent opportunity for companies to advertise through video.

Making a YouTube ad or making use of sponsorship can increase your sales, widen your audience, and make your business better in so many ways.

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